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Mapping Media Freedom identifies threats, violations and limitations faced by members of the press throughout European Union member states, candidates for entry and neighbouring countries.

Media freedom is under threat worldwide. Journalists are threatened, jailed and even killed simply for doing their job.

Index on Censorship documents threats to media freedom in Europe via a unique monitoring project and campaigns against laws that stifle journalists’ work. We also publish an award-winning magazine featuring work by and about censored journalists. Learn more.

Media freedom in Honduras: “The noose is tightening”

alt information“The noose is tightening around the Honduran people more than ever,” says Dana Frank, professor at UC Santa Cruz, specialising in human rights and US policy in post-coup Honduras, adding that with this comes increased repression of the media.

Calls for justice mark six months since Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder

alt informationAttendees of the London vigil demand an end to impunity and a proper investigation into the Maltese journalist’s death

The Commonwealth: Where being a journalist can kill you

alt informationThe record of Commonwealth countries concerning the rising number of killings of journalists -- whose work holds a mirror up to the societies they live in – points to a dismal failure by the authorities in some member states.

Confronting SLAPP suits: Don’t let them silence you

alt informationAs part of our work on media freedom, Index on Censorship is launching a campaign to raise awareness among journalists and activists about the increasing use of legal threats as a means of silencing critics and investigative reporting.

In Portugal’s media crisis, photojournalists often pull the shortest straw

alt information“Green receipts” are a way for independent or freelance workers in Portugal to charge companies for their services on an occasional basis, but the system is often abused

New report assesses the state of US press freedoms, shows protests were the most dangerous place for US journalists in 2017

alt informationThe most perilous place for a journalist in the U.S. last year was at a protest, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press that surveys the 2017 data from the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.

Journalism in Exile: Uzbekistan continues its bar on Hamid Ismailov

alt informationHamid Ismailov is an Uzbek journalist and writer who was forced to flee Uzbekistan in 1992 due to what the state dubbed "unacceptable democratic tendencies".

Austria: Government’s altering of media landscape raises concern

alt informationAustria’s new populist government wants to shift the media landscape of the country

Data Protection Bill must protect press freedom, free speech groups say

alt informationPress freedom groups have urged the parliamentary committee considering a proposed new UK data protection law to drop amendments that would force news publishers to sign up to a state-backed regulator or face potentially crippling costs.

Don’t let media freedom die – we need it more than ever

Index on Censorship has launched a campaign to raise £15,000 to help us document growing threats to media freedom.