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An artists’ manifesto for Belarus

In one of his last public acts, dissident, playwright and president Václav Havel signed this statement calling for free speech in Belarus, along with Ai Weiwei, Sir Tom Stoppard and many more

Ai Weiwei: “maybe being powerful means to be fragile”

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been named the most powerful person in the art world in ArtReview magazine’s Power 100 poll, which rates the contemporary art world’s most influential figures. In an interview with BBC World Service’s Global News, Ai said that he “didn’t feel powerful at all” and that he was still under a kind […]

Ai Weiwei calls Beijing “a city of violence”

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has attacked injustices in China in a candid and scathing article posted on Newsweek magazine’s website. He writes of Beijing, Beijing is two cities. One is of power and of money. People don’t care who their neighbors are; they don’t trust you. The other city is one of desperation. I […]

Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei makes a comeback

Ai: A bird needs to flutter its wings to see if it can fly After nearly two months of silence, artist Ai Weiwei, one of China’s most prominent human rights activists, is back in the spotlight.  Over the past few days he’s been tweeting, and today an exclusive for one of China’s state-owned newspapers, the […]

China: Ai Weiwei slams treatment of detained activists

In his most outspoken tweets since his release, and despite bail conditions placing him under tight restrictions for at least a year, Ai Weiwei today lashed out at the “torment” of friends entangled in his situation and pressed the cases of other detained activists. “If you don’t speak for Wang Lihong, and don’t speak for […]

Hu Jia released but not free

After serving a three-and-a-half year sentence for inciting subversion, Chinese activist Hu Jia was sent home on Sunday. But like Ai Weiwei, who surfaced from detention last week, Hu is far from free. His wife told the BBC that he is being held under conditions “equivalent to house arrest.” Media have published plenty of photos […]

Ai Weiwei’s jailed colleagues are freed

When dissident artist Ai Weiwei was freed last Wednesday, his four associates were also nabbed back in April, were disturbingly absent. Now it seems that those four — his driver, accountant, assistant and a designer — have also been released, according to both Ai’s sister and a volunteer working with the artist. Zhang Jinsong, Hu Mingfen, Wen […]

Ai Weiwei returns home

After 81 days in detention, the detained Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has finally been allowed to go home. His mother Gao Ying didn’t sleep last night, and his sister Gao Ge told the Guardian that she is “very, very happy”. While Ai is much skinnier, he has kept his trademark beard – which prisoners would […]

Guido's advice to the Chinese Communist Party's propagandists

Guido Fawkes: My advice to the Chinese Communist Party's propagandists

Journalist punished for writing editorial about Ai Weiwei

Journalist Song Zhibiao has been suspended by the Southern Metropolis Daily for writing an editorial remembering the Sichuan earthquake, referring also to the dissident artist Ai Weiwei. The Chinese editorial not only referred to Ai Weiwei’s installations, such as the sunflower seeds in London’s Tate Modern, but also his campaign to find out numbers and […]

PAST EVENT: Politics in the Age of Twitter

May 17: Politics in the Age of Twitter

Ai Weiwei keeps his beard

Last Friday, a newspaper editorial musing on the missing artist Ai Weiwei was blocked online. The editorial, which was appeared in the Southern Metropolis Daily, marked the third anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake, an event that Ai investigated. The Guardian translated part of the editorial that reflected on Ai and the deaths of schoolchildren in […]