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“Freedom to express yourself is what it means to be an artist”

Artist Ai Weiwei has been missing for 40 days, Leah Borromeo reports from the opening of his new show Tate Modern director Chris Dercon introduces Ai Weiwei's work

Ai Weiwei show opens in London

An extract from a speech by Tate Modern director Chris Dercon at the opening of a new show by imprisoned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei at Somerset House, London

Human rights lawyer freed in China

A leading human rights lawyer who has been critical of the Chinese government returned home yesterday (19 April). Jiang Tianyong, disappeared on 19 February whilst visiting his brother in a Beijing suburb. Meanwhile, Liu Xiaoyuan, another rights lawyer who had disappeared last week, was also released. Liu suggested that his association with Ai Weiwei led […]

China: Ai Weiwei campaign website attacked by hackers, a website which runs an online petition calling for the release of Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, has been hit by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. The website had managed to collect over 90,000 signatures for their petition. Ben Rattray, the founder of the website, stated that the attacks originated from a Chinese internet […]

Ai Weiwei’s wife, Lu Qing, is “very worried”

The Chinese authorities detained dissident artist Ai Weiwei more than a week ago. Yesterday, Ai’s wife Lu Qing, also an artist, spoke to Justin Webb on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme about her husband’s arrest, saying that they have no reason to take him and that she has absolutely no idea why he has been detained. She […]

No sign of Ai Weiwei day after airport arrest

Outspoken Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has joined the ranks of other dissidents who have irked the government. He has simply gone missing. Dinah Gardner reports. Plus: Read Index's exclusive 2008 interview with Ai WeiWei here

Ai Weiwei studio demolished

The studio of acclaimed artist Ai Weiwei has been demolished, a move the artist believes is due to his political activism. Ai Weiwei was one of the artists who helped in the construction of the “bird’s nest” in Beijing Olympics and has been a vocal critic of the Chinese government’s human rights record.

Dissident artist calls for openness over Shanghai fire victims

Outspoken dissident artist Ai Weiwei has launched an online campaign asking the Chinese government to publicly release the names of the victims of a fire that destroyed a Shanghai tower block on November 15. His Google Docs “Citizens Investigation,” is inviting people to confirm the deceased’s name, age, gender and location in the building when […]

Chinese activist sentenced to year in labour camp for Twitter joke

Wangyi09’s twitter feed stops abruptly at 7:45AM on October 28. According to human rights groups, the Chinese rights activist, whose real name is Cheng Jianping, was detained later that day for a satirical tweet she had posted on October 17 which mocked anti-Japanese protesters by urging them to destroy the Japanese pavilion at the Shanghai […]

The man who dares not say the L Word

David Cameron has extolled the virtues of human rights and democracy during his trade mission to Beijing but why won’t he raise the case of imprisoned writer Liu Xiaobo? Dinah Goodman reports David Cameron’s first stop on his first visit to Beijing as Prime Minister was Tesco. As he was surveying the shelves of soy […]

China releases dissident artist Ai‎ Weiwei

Alice Xin Liu: China releases dissident artist Ai‎ Wei Wei

China releases dissident artist Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei, China’s best-known dissident artist, is called God Ai by his supporters. Ai helped design the Bird’s Nest stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics and more recently his Sunflower Seeds installation created a splash at the Tate Modern; but Ai continues to be a thorn in the side of the Chinese state. His blogs […]