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Why we must not change the channel

alt informationThe news from countries around the globe is appalling but we need to bear witness

China: A century of silencing dissent

alt informationThe spring 2021 issue of Index on Censorship magazine marks the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

Let them know they are not forgotten

alt informationJoin us in sending messages of support to six human rights activists and journalists around the world who are #JailedNotForgotten

The crisis in Kashmir: an Index reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles from the Index archive detailing the hardships faced by people in Kashmir

Kashmir’s journalists have taken great risks this past year to get news out. We must support them

alt informationJournalists in Jammu and Kashmir have been working against the odds for a year now following an internet blackout and other draconian measures. We must rally behind them

The Big Noise

alt informationThe winter 2019 issue of Index on Censorship looks at how macho leaders are hiding their weakness by attacking our freedoms

Border Forces

alt informationThe autumn 2019 Index on Censorship magazine looks at how borders round the world are getting tougher and preventing the exchange of ideas

Free speech was being suppressed in Kashmir for a long time before the latest crisis

alt informationWe report on the border region's long-term crackdown on communications well before the latest news blackout. Rituparna Chatterjee, talked to academics and journalists about what it has been like to live there

Cricket cheering uncovers faultlines between Kashmir and India

alt informationImprobable as it may seem, but 67 Kashmiri university students were briefly charged with sedition for cheering for Pakistan, and celebrating its win over India, during an Asia Cup cricket match in early March. Mahima Kaul reports

India: Kumar versus the censor

Despite making two award-winning documentaries, Indian filmmaker Ashvin Kumar has faced difficulty having his films shown. Mahima Kaul reports on his battle with India's Censor Board

Index Index – International free speech round up 13/02/13

Index Index - International free speech round up 13/02/13

Index Index – International free speech round up 13/02/13

Index Index - International free speech round up 13/02/13