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Cricket cheering uncovers faultlines between Kashmir and India

alt informationImprobable as it may seem, but 67 Kashmiri university students were briefly charged with sedition for cheering for Pakistan, and celebrating its win over India, during an Asia Cup cricket match in early March. Mahima Kaul reports

India: Kumar versus the censor

Despite making two award-winning documentaries, Indian filmmaker Ashvin Kumar has faced difficulty having his films shown. Mahima Kaul reports on his battle with India's Censor Board

Index Index – International free speech round up 13/02/13

Index Index - International free speech round up 13/02/13

Index Index – International free speech round up – 11/02/13

Index Index - International free speech round up - 11/02/13

How a fatwa stopped the all-girl rock

The teenaged members of Kashmiri all-girl band Pragaash decided to shelve their music career after being harassed online, and a fatwa issued against them. Mahima Kaul reports on how the controversy has unfolded

Kashmir: Two photojournalists beaten and detained during protests

On August 19, two photojournalists, Narciso Contreras and Showkat Shafi, said they were beaten by police and detained for several hours while covering a protest in Srinagar, in Jammu and Kashmir. The protest, which was a demonstration against Indian rule, escalated into a violent clash between protesters and police forces. According to Shafi, officers continued […]

India censors the Economist over Kashmir map

The Indian government forced The Economist to use a sticker to conceal a map of Kashmir in the magazine. The magazine’s cover story, which utilised the map, was on the region’s border disputes. Nearly 30,000 censored issues were distributed in India. India has claimed Kashmir as its own but The Economist shows how regions of […]

India: Roy is often wrong, but she still has rights

Arundhati Roy has been accused of sedition after claiming Kashmir was not part of India. Her comments may be controversial, but the real scandal is the law, says Salil Tripathi
Sedition? Arundhati Roy reacts

India: Arundhati Roy may face sedition charge

Booker prize-winner and human rights activist Arundhati Roy faces possible arrest following her remarks that Kashmir is not an integral part of India. India’s home ministry has told police in Delhi that a case of sedition may be registered against Roy and Kashmiri separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani. In a statement that Roy released in […]

Kashmir: 18 die in worst episode of protesting

Anti-India and pro-Islam demonstrations in the Indian-adminstrated region of Kashmir, Srinagar escalated yesterday as 18 people died, many under police firing. Demonstrators had reportedly set fire to a Christian missionary school and government and police buildings as a reaction to recent reports that copies of the Qu’ran had been damaged in New York. Journalists have been restricted from covering […]

Deadly Clashes Continue in Kashmir

Protests result in the province's bloodiest summer in many years as a new generation takes to the streets calling for independence from India. Priyanka Boghani reports

Terrorists call for TV ban in Kashmir

The Lashkar-e-Taiba has enforced a new diktat in parts of Jammu and Kashmir to forbid watching television. The Lashkar terrorists operating in Banihal heights have imposed a ban on watching TV, terming it an “unislamic” activity. There has been a spate of reports of villagers being assaulted and beaten. Read more here