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50 years after Theatres Act, censorship has evolved

alt informationMarking the 50th anniversary of the end of 300 years of theatre censorship, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new exhibition explores how restrictions on expression have changed.

Independent artists empower Cubans to speak out against censorship

alt informationTo an outsider, the most startling part of artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara’s arrest on 21 July for attempting to protest on the Capitol steps in Havana was the passivity, bordering on fearful ignorance, of his fellow Cubans at the scene.

Expression Uncensored: “It’s a bonus when you realise your music is helping someone live their life”

alt informationExpression Uncensored, which was hosted by Sonos, Index on Censorship and Gay Times Magazine, featured a panel of leading musicians from around the world to discuss queer music and censorship. 

ENO youth company combats censorship with operatic expression

alt informationA group of teens shuffle onto a stage. It could be any summer programme, but when professional opera singer Abigail Kelly leads them in a song on political dissent and dictatorship, it’s clear that they’ve come together to create something novel, provocative and, above all, youth-led.

Expression Uncensored: Queer music and censorship

alt informationJoin Sonos and Index on Censorship for an evening of thought provoking discussions around issues relating to queer music and censorship in the UK and around the globe

Freedom of expression includes right to hold positions of different persuasions

alt informationPressuring artists to renounce support for political causes as a prerequisite for being allowed to perform at events is fundamentally incompatible with artistic freedom and freedom of expression.

Kill drill: The death of freedom of expression?

alt informationCensorship of a form of music which affords an already marginalised minority a rare opportunity to express themselves publicly is an attack against their fundamental rights as human beings.

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti: Freedom of expression must be at the core of artistic institutions

alt informationArtists make the work. Institutions put the work on. That’s the deal. It’s a simple but weird relationship.

Theatre censorship: still alive and kicking?

alt informationHow free are our performing arts? This panel discussion will include contributions from experts from across the sector.

Expanding the space for the arts: Challenging the UK’s risk averse culture

alt informationThe arts have an important role to express and process the diverse and often divergent opinion and experience that coexist in our society