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Bahrain: Four killed in anti-government protests

Four people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations in Manama. Without warning, police launched the crackdown at around 3.00 am (12am GMT) on Thursday, leaving up to 95 protesters injured. Earlier in the week a man was killed at the funeral procession of a person who died in the protests the day before.

Bahraini blogger on trial in sweeping Shia crackdown

Ali Abdulemam's trial is an important test case for free speech in the Middle East. Ashraf Khalil explains why

Bahraini blogger on trial in sweeping Shia crackdown

The tight-knit world of Middle East bloggers and electronic activists is rallying forcefully around the case of Ali Abdulemam, a prominent Bahraini blogger and online activist, who was arrested in September as part of a wide-ranging crackdown on human rights activists and representatives of the country’s disenfranchised Shia Muslim majority. The Shia activists are charged […]

Bahrain: Blogger Ali Abdulemam arrested

Blogger, author and founder of Bahrain’s BahrainOnline forum, Ali Abdulemam was arrested on 4 September by Bahraini authorities for allegedly spreading “false news” on the portal. On the afternoon of 5 September, BahrainOnline was shut down for good, by the authorities. A  crackdown on media began in Bahrain on 13 August.

Bahrain bans advisor’s memoir

The diary of a British advisor to Bahraini government has been banned after new material was added to the latest edition. The 600 page book narrates historically significant events during Charles Belgrave’s time in the country from 1926 to 1957. The Bahrain Center for Human Rights believes the book was banned because it goes into detail of […]

Bahrain suspends al-Jazeera

Al-Jazeera was suspended from operating in Bahrain on 19 May. The government said the news channel was “flouting the laws regulating the press and publishing” in the country and did not comply with “professional norms.” The bureau’s suspension includes both the Arabic and English stations and Bahrain-based online content; and an Al-Jazeera film crew have been denied […]

Bahrain bans sharing news on BlackBerrys

The Bahrain Ministry of Information and Culture announced a ban on sharing local news with BlackBerry mobile devices last week. A ministry official, Abdullah Yateem, said the ban was to prevent the “chaos and confusion caused by such news among the public”. Immediately after the ban, the BlackBerry news provider “Breaking News” was forced to […]

Author arrested in Sri Lanka

Expatriate Sri Lankan author, Sarah Malini Perera, has been arrested in whilst on holiday Sri Lanka for writing two books— From Darkness to Light and Questions and Answers—about her conversion from Buddhism to Islam. Perara, who has lived in Bahrain since 1985, was detained last week after apparently causing offence to the largely Buddhist Sinhalese […]

Shiite publishers blacklisted at Bahrain book fair

Twenty-five Lebanese Shiite publishing houses have been barred from exhibiting books during the annual fair in Manama on 17 March 2010. Al Wassat daily newspaper reports that although a black list has been issued by the Bahraini authorities, the publishing houses are yet to be officially notified. The Bahraini Ministry of Information denies responsibility for the ban […]

Bahrain: government orders over 1,000 websites blocked

On 23 September, the government has announced plans to block 1040 websites, referring to a resolution which states that all telecommunications companies and internet service providers “shall block pornographic websites”. Many of the websites to be blocked, however, are those of the opposition, religious groups and human rights organisations. Read more here

Bahrain: newspaper ban lifted

The 21 June ban of Arabic Gulf News has been lifted. The Bahrain newspaper came under fire after criticising the Iranian leadership. Read more Read more here

Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR)

The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights promotes human rights in Bahrain. BCHR encourages and supports individuals and groups to be proactive in the protection of their own and others’ rights; and to struggle to promote democracy and human rights.