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Bahrain’s brutal crackdown

As Bahraini soldiers --- aided by foreign troops --- crush protests, youth activist Mohammed Al-Maskati whose family have been detained, asks the international community to speak out List of cyber activists detained and arrested in Bahrain

Bahrain: Anti-government activist dies in custody

A supporter of Bahrain’s anti-government movement was found dead in police custody on 9 April. Whilst the opposition party described the death of Rashid Zakaria Hassan, 40, as “mysterious”, government officials claim that he died of complications from sickle-cell anaemia. Hassan was initially detained on 2 April on charges of inciting hatred and promoting sectarianism. […]

Bahrain: Soldiers take over hospital

Soldiers in black ski masks took control of the Salmaniya Medical Complex on 11 April as the civil unrest in Bahrain continues. At least a dozen doctors and medical support officers have been arrested in the last month and many more are missing. The Bahraini health minister has accused health care workers of conspiring against […]

Bahrain: CNN News team arrested outside activist’s private residence

Members of CNN’s news team were arrested by the government’s security forces as they were visiting the house of Nabeel Rajab, head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. Twenty men in black ski masks are reported to have surrounded the news team and confiscated their recording equipment. Government officials have alleged that the team […]

Bahrain: Daughter of activist goes on hunger strike

Zainab Alkhawaja, daughter of human rights activist and former president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, Abdulhadi Alkhawaja, has gone on hunger strike demanding that authorities release her father and three other members of her immediate family. Security forces are alleged to have used excessive and violent force in apprehending the suspects in their […]

Bahrain expels CNN reporter

Mohammed Jamjoom, a CNN correspondent, was expelled from Bahrain on Wednesday after reporting on the violent crackdown by security forces on the main protest camp in Manama. The authorities gave no reason for the expulsion, and other CNN journalists remain in Bahrain.

Bahraini 'blog father' goes missing; police raid family's home

Bahrain: 'Blog father' Ali Abdulemam goes missing

Bahrain: Opposition leaders arrested

A day after a violent crackdown by security forces on protesters camped out at Pearl Square in the capital Manama, at least five key opposition leaders have been arrested. The detained leaders belong to different opposition parties, all of which are asking for political reform.

Bahrain: Security forces crackdown on protesters

A day after martial law was declared in the kingdom, Bahraini security forces have carried out a crackdown on protesters camped out at Pearl Square in the capital Manama. Security forces, backed by tanks, drove out the protesters from their camps in violent clashes which resulted in the deaths of at least three protesters and […]

John Kampfner: When tyrants want tear gas, the UK has always been happy to oblige

The revoking of arms licences to Libya and Bahrain won't last. British firms will be back, argues John Kampfner

What’s behind Bahrain’s protests?

Eric Avebury outlines the systematic repression that has brought the people of Bahrain onto the streets

Restricted access for journalists as violence in Bahrain escalates

International media has restricted access to Bahrain, journalists report. Index on Censorship rounds up comments from the ground