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#IndexAwards2018: Banned novelist Abbad Yahya sheds light on the taboo

alt informationAbbad Yahya is a Palestinian writer whose fourth novel Crime in Ramallah has been banned for depictions of gay sex, as well as political commentary about fanaticism and religious extremism.

China: Chen Xiwo banned book published in English

alt informationChen Xiwo, described as “one of China’s most outspoken voices on freedom of expression for writers” by Asia Sentinel, has spoken about how he challenged the Chinese government’s decision to censor his latest book ahead of its launch in English.

Bialiatski’s book banned in Belarus

The book by the political prisoner could "damage the image" of the country according to authorities. Andrei Aliaksandrau reports

Pakistan: debate rages over Malala book ban

"I am Malala" is accused of being against Islam and the constitution, but some prominent Pakistanis see the censoring of the book in private schools as a loss to millions of children, writes Zofeen Ebrahim

Israel: History textbook banned

The Education Ministry has banned a history textbook that includes both the Israeli and Palestinian narrative of the Middle East conflict. The principal of a high school in Sderot was summoned to the ministry after his school was found to be using the book, entitled Learning the Historical Narrative of the Other. The school’s history […]

Israel: Shops bans controversial pamphlet

After immense pressure from the right-wing on Sunday, the Israeli bookstore chain Tzomet Sfarim has stopped selling a leftist political manifesto heavily critical of the settler movement. In The National Left, the authors call settlers “messianic madmen” and brainwashed “zombies”. The company claims they pulled the book not for political reasons, but because it “hurts […]