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The actions of the Russian Federation are jeopardising online freedoms everywhere

alt informationIndex on Censorship joins 52 other international organisations to warn that the Russian Federation is pursuing policies that are significantly and rapidly encroaching online freedoms.

Russia: Telegram block leads to widespread assault on freedom of expression online

alt information53 international and Russian human rights, media and Internet freedom organisations, strongly condemn the attempts by the Russian Federation to block the Internet messaging service Telegram.

How to stay anonymous online

alt informationIn this extract from Index on Censorship's Autumn issue, Mark Frary looks at some of the tactics you can use to remain safe and invisible when browsing

Index panel debates taboos of sex, race and hairy legs

alt information"When I went to the Loaded offices with hairy legs they told me to get out and that I could never be on the cover because apparently I’d made an effort with my nails but not my legs

How exiles are using social media but fear spies listening in

alt informationSocial media is being used innovatively to share news and stories by those that have fled from danger, says Jason DaPonte

Wired up: why refugees in exile remain silenced

alt informationPeople who have fled dangerous regimes now use free apps and digital connections to stay in touch with their former home, but they often worry that those networks can also be used against them, says Rachael Jolley

Index Awards 2015: Meet the 17 nominees who fight for free expression

alt informationA journalist under 24-hour protection because of his reports into the Italian mafia, an Ecuadorian cartoonist facing prosecution for mocking a congressmen's pay packet, and lawyers who challenged Turkey over its social media ban, are among those shortlisted for the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards

Index on Censorship joins net neutrality coalition

Index on Censorship joins the net neutrality coalition, a global coalition of organisations and users who believe that the open internet has enabled countless advances in technology, health, education and business, and that it must remain open for all. Today, the open internet is endangered by powerful service providers seeking to become gatekeepers who decide […]

20 Nov: The cost of free information (BBC Radio 3)

alt informationCatch Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg speaking at BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival 2014

Under cyber attack: an interview with Lobsang Sangay, Tibet’s exiled political leader

alt informationTibet’s leader-in-exile discusses his Buddhist approach to digital security, and why he still holds hope for the future of the internet