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Jodie Ginsberg: New laws not the way to tackle extremism

alt informationNew laws to limit and surveil speech on and offline are not the way to tackle extremism. Our response must not be to curtail those very freedoms.

Defend Free Speech: Minister for security defines “extremism” ten different ways in one hour

alt informationIt was with considerable alarm that we watched the recent evidence session of counter-extremism minister, Karen Bradley, before Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights

Statement of solidarity with the Afghan media community following the attacks on Tolo TV

alt informationIn response to the attacks on Tolo TV on 20 January, in which eight people have been killed and 30 others injured, we stand in solidarity with the Afghan media community

Padraig Reidy: UK’s counter-extremism strategy is another blow to universities as free spaces

alt informationThere are a few techniques you can use to spot whether someone has slightly dodgy views on the world. My favourite is the hand-chopping test.

Proposed UK government measures on extremism will criminalise legitimate speech

alt informationIn its new extremism strategy, the government is proposing measures that will criminalise legitimate speech and shrink the space for open debate throughout society.

The politics of terror: Conor Gearty

alt informationIn the drive to tackle extremism, debate is being undermined and fear is driving the agenda. Conor Gearty makes the case for common sense.

Ravian Ruys: Without trust, free speech suffers

alt informationIndex on Censorship youth advisory board member Ravian Ruys explores the impact of eroding public trust is having on free expression in The Netherlands

New extremism laws would stifle free speech

The UK Home Secretary's preview of a proposed new counter-extremism bill raises the stakes for freedom of expression in the United Kingdom. Index on Censorship is disturbed by the potential impact on free speech embedded in the proposals.

#IndexDrawtheLine: Religious extremism is one of the greatest challenges facing society

alt information“We want to laugh at the extremists – every extremist. They can be Muslim, Jewish, Catholic. Everyone can be religious but extremist thoughts and acts we cannot accept,” Laurent Léger, a journalist at Charlie Hebdo–a satirical magazine where an extremist attack killed 12 people on Wednesday—told BFM-TV in 2012.  Some weeks ago, a violent extremist […]

#IndexDrawtheLine: How can we balance religious freedom and religious extremism?

alt informationReligious freedom and religious radicalism which leads to extremism has become an increasingly difficult balancing act in the digital age where presenting religious superiority through fear and “terror” is possible both locally and internationally at internet speeds. The ongoing series of beheading videos released by the Islamic State and the showcase of kidnapped school girls by Nigeria’s Boko […]

Driving debate underground is not the answer to extremism

British Home Secretary Theresa May has proposed new laws that would ban extremists from TV and impose stricter controls on what can be said on the internet, in a speech at the annual Conservative Party conference. Index on Censorship is disturbed at these plans and their potential for stifling legitimate free speech. It is unclear […]

Filtering in the UK: The hinterland of legality, where secrecy trumps court rulings

A slip during an interview revealed the sneaking suspicion of free thinkers. The UK government was no longer restricting itself to censoring web content which was illegal. It was going to start censoring content which it simply didn't like, Ian Dunt writes