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Flemming Rose: Censorship and self-censorship in the 21st century

Danish journalist Flemming Rose delivered a lecture on 9 March 2017 as part of Censorship Awareness Week at Wellesley College.

Index on Censorship condemns decision to axe Flemming Rose as speaker on academic freedom

Index on Censorship is appalled by the decision by the University of Cape Town to rescind an invitation to Danish editor Flemming Rose to deliver the annual TB Davie lecture on academic freedom

Flemming Rose responds to the University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town rescinded an invitation to journalist and editor Flemming Rose, who had been scheduled to deliver the annual TB Davie lecture on academic freedom in August.

Jacob Mchangama: A dangerous evolution of the assassin’s veto

To earn a death sentence for offending Islam, it is no longer necessary to actually make “offensive” expressions or caricatures. Participating in a public debate on free speech and Islam will suffice.

Words and deeds

In 2005 Flemming Rose commissioned the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that sparked protests and riots across the world. In an exclusive book extract, Rose explains why bans on hate speech are based on a false understanding of its role in the Holocaust