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Free speech must apply to all — even those we find offensive

alt informationFree speech — genuine free speech that tolerates the ideas we find most offensive — must apply equally

What does the International Bill of Human Rights mean for freedom of expression?

alt informationThe International Bill of Human Rights consists of the five core treaties that advance the fundamental freedoms and to protect the basic human rights

Why is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights important?

alt informationThe Universal Declaration of Human Rights sets out the basic rights all people should enjoy and expect from their governments and other governments.

Street artists use anonymity to accentuate the message

alt informationIn their latest task the Index on Censorship youth advisory board look at anonymous art around the world

Youth Advisory Board: Free speech issues around the world

alt informationFor the past six months the Index on Censorship Youth Advisory Board has attended monthly online meetings to debate free speech issues and completed tasks

Poetic Pilgrimage: Hip hop has the capacity to “galvanise the masses”

alt informationTheir love of music brought them together but it was their spirituality and a feeling of seeking that prompted them to convert to Islam

Index on Censorship youth advisory board

alt informationWe are looking for enthusiastic young people between that ages of 16 and 25 who can commit to monthly meetings and contribute fresh ideas to the discussion

Index on Censorship Youth Advisory Board: January to June 2016

alt informationIndex on Censorship recently appointed a new youth advisory board who attend monthly online meetings to discuss current freedom of expression issues and complete related tasks.

Index panel debates taboos of sex, race and hairy legs

alt information"When I went to the Loaded offices with hairy legs they told me to get out and that I could never be on the cover because apparently I’d made an effort with my nails but not my legs

Japanese government cancels visit from UN free speech representative

alt informationThe UN’s principal global monitor of freedom of expression, David Kaye, was due to visit Japan between 1 and 8 December

Youth Advisory Board urges Bangladeshi government to help bloggers

alt informationSecular bloggers in Bangladesh are fearing for their lives as four fellow bloggers were killed by machete-wielding extremists in the country earlier

Statement in support of Association Racines and all Moroccan artists

alt informationThe public space should be accessible to cultural actors, artists and organisations representing civil society and should be free of constraints