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Honduras: Radio journalist kidnapped

A senior radio journalist has been kidnapped in Honduras, outside the country’s capital Tegucigalpa. News presenter on HRN Radio Alfredo Villatoro was abducted on the way to his office on Wednesday morning. The journalist’s captors contacted his family, and it is believed they will seek a ransom. Three people have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping. […]

Honduras: Journalist, human rights defender killed

A journalist and human rights activist has been found dead in Honduras. Erick Martínez Ávila, who worked for the Honduran LGBT group Kukulcán, was found dead in a roadside ditch on 7 May. The journalist was reported missing on 5 May, and had not been seen in public since he attended a demonstration with the LGBT community […]

Honduras: TV presenter murdered

A prominent Honduran TV presenter was murdered on Monday morning. Noel Alexander Valladares, host of popular show El Tecolote (“The Owl”) on Maya TV, based in Tegucigalpa, was shot as he left the station. Eyewitnesses report that four men jumped out of a white van and opened fire on the journalist and his companions. Valladares was accompanied by […]

Honduras: 18th journalist killed since 2010

A radio broadcaster has been killed in Sabá, northern Honduras, making him the 18th journalist to be killed in the country since 2010. Fausto Elio Hernández, host of The Voice of the News programme broadcast on local station Radio Alegre, was hacked to death by a machete-wielding attacker on 10 March. While police have reportedly said […]

Honduras: lawyer murdered after police torture accusations

Honduran lawyer Jose Ricardo Rosales was shot dead by three hooded gunmen on 17 January, three days after he was quoted in newspaper Diario Tiempo, accusing police officers in the northern town of Tela of torturing prisoners. The Honduras College of Lawyers claim that 74 lawyers have been killed in the past three years in the […]

Honduras: “Journalism for life” demonstrator receives death threats

An independent journalist and human rights campaigner in Honduras has received several death threats following her involvement in a free expression march last month. Itsmania Pineda Platero was told “We’ll skin you alive, bitch!” in one of four death threats over three days. During one of the calls, there was the sound of a gun being loaded […]

Honduras: Radio journalist murdered

Medardo Flores, a Honduran radio journalist who supported former President Manuel Zelaya, was gunned down on the night of 8 September, joining the long list of journalists who have been killed since Zelaya’s forced exile from the country in a June 2009 coup. Regional finance manager of the pro-Zelaya Broad Front for Popular Resistance (FARP), […]

Honduras: Radio station director killed

A 26-year-old radio station director was killed yesterday in Honduras. Nery Jeremias Orellana was stopped and shot in the head by masked gunmen as he rode home from work on a motorcycle.  He died soon after he was taken to a local hospital. A supporter of recently ousted President Manuel Zelaya, Orellana was head of […]

Gunmen in Honduras target media: kill one, wound another

Three gunmen killed Channel 24 television owner Luis Ernesto Mendoza Cerrato last week. Gunmen also wounded newspaper manager Manuel Acosta Medina two days as he drove home. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 11 journalists have been killed in Honduras since March 2010, at least three weer murdered in retaliation for their work. Although […]

Honduran radio station board president shot in leg

The board president of a Honduran radio station was shot in the leg on 13 March by two people who disagreed with his editorial policies. He was hospitalised but his condition has been described as “stable”. Franklin Melendez is the president of the board of community radio station La Voz de Zacate Grande, which has […]

Honduras: Radio journalist survives assassination attempt

On 14 September Luis Galdámez, a radio journalist working for Radio Globo in Honduras, was targeted by unidentified assassins. He was ambushed as he returned home from work with his children in the car. However he and his son were able to repel the gunmen using the firearms they had bought after a similar attempt […]

Honduras: Radio station stormed by 300 soldiers and police

La Voz de Zacate Grande, a community radio station was closed down by 300 soldiers and police officers, on 3 June. The station which began broadcasting on 14 April, defends the cause of the Association for the Development of the Zacate Grande Peninsula (ADEPZA), whose representatives are accused by agro-industrial tycoon Miguel Facussé Barjum of […]