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KCK press trial: “The template for all Turkey’s media trials”

alt informationOnce the biggest media trial in Turkey, the KCK press trial hardly makes the news today, even though it set a grim precedent for the criminalisation of journalistic activities in the country

Turkey: Art in troubled times

alt informationAsena Günal, the program coordinator of Depo which is a center for arts and culture at Tophane, Istanbul, looks at how Turkey's art community has come under increasing pressure in the past year

Letter: EU must not ignore collapse of media freedom in Turkey

alt informationIndex and international press freedom organisations issued a joint letter ahead of the upcoming meeting between EU leaders and Ahmet Davutoğlu, Prime Minister of Turkey, to express concern over the collapse of media freedom in Turkey.

Dutch journalist Frederike Geerdink on her recent deportation from Turkey

alt informationThe top of Frederike Geerdink's blog, Kurdish Matters, still reads: ‘The only foreign journalist based in Diyarbakir’. The Dutch reporter was the only foreign journalist in Turkish Kurdistan until 9 September 2015 when she was deported from the country

Why was this Turkish sociologist given a life sentence?

Fifteen years after she was detained for allegedly perpetrating a terrorist attack in Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar, and eleven years after she was acquitted of those charges, the Turkish sociologist Pınar Selek again found herself on the wrong side of the law when Turkey’s High Court sentenced her to aggravated life imprisonment last week. The Court […]

Turkish newspaper’s offices attacked in Paris and Cologne

The Paris and Cologne offices of a Turkish newspaper were attacked by supporters of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) last week.  Zaman newspaper says that a group of nearly 15 masked PKK supporters entered its Paris office on 15 February, threatening employees and breaking furniture and computers. Meanwhile AFP has reported that arsonists torched the paper’s […]