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#IndexAwards2017: Maati Monjib and the cost of free speech in Morocco

A well-known academic at the University of Rabat, Maati Monjib co-founded Freedom Now to campaign for free expression in Morocco, and now faces persecution

Global heroes battling censorship announced in Index Freedom of Expression Awards shortlist

Sixteen courageous individuals and organisations who fight for freedom of expression in every part of the world

Index Awards: El Haqed still has a bad rap with the Moroccan authorities

Moroccan authorities have repeatedly prevented Mouad “El Haqed” Belghouat from performing in the country. So yet again, he turns to Europe

Moroccan authorities commit to giving satirist identity documents

Journalist Ali Lmrabet had been holding a hunger strike in front of the UN's Geneva offices since 24 June because of Moroccan authorities' refusals to renew his identity documents

Open letter to the King of Morocco in support of Ali Lmrabet

Dozens of internationally recognised journalists, free expression activists and writers have signed a letter supporting Ali Lmrabet, a Moroccan journalist who is on hunger strike in Geneva

“He is denied his right to an identity”: why a Moroccan satirist is on hunger strike

Ali Lmrabet is protesting what he sees as the latest bid from his country Morocco to stop him from doing his job

Statement in support of Association Racines and all Moroccan artists

The public space should be accessible to cultural actors, artists and organisations representing civil society and should be free of constraints

“I feel strong”: Moroccan rapper El Haqed defiant after concert is shut down by police

A former Index Youth Advisory Board member travelled to Casablanca to see Moroccan rapper El Haqed's first concert in the country. This is her account of the police crackdown that silenced the performance

Morocco: Police block concert by Index award-winning rapper El Haqed

Index calls on Moroccan authorities to respect freedom of expression by allowing Mouad "El Haqed" Belghouat and other artists to freely perform in the country

13 governments that are definitely not jailing people over free speech

Just look at these definitely-not-free-speech-related charges journalists and activists and human rights lawyers and pro democracy campaigners face

#IndexAwards2015: Arts nominee Mouad “El Haqed” Belghouat

Mouad Belghouat is a Moroccan rapper and human rights activist who releases music under the moniker El Haqed, roughly translated as ‘The Enraged’.

Index calls on Morocco to release rapper El Haqed

In an Open Letter to the Moroccan Minister of Justice and Liberties El Mustapha Ramid, 11 organisations committed to the defence of the rights to freedom of expression, culture and the arts have condemned the four-month sentence served against Mouad Belghouate.