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Protester arrested during demonstration at Bahrain Embassy in London

alt informationThe director of advocacy at the Bahrain Institute for Human Rights and Democracy stepped onto the embassy’s steps and was arrested a few minutes later

London protest marks a year in prison for Nabeel Rajab

alt informationHuman rights activist Nabeel Rajab has been in prison in Bahrain for a full year for expressing opinions. During this time, he has been primarily held in solitary confinement

Groups urge UN members to call for freedom for Bahraini human rights defender

alt informationOn the one-year anniversary of Nabeel Rajab's arrest, Index on Censorship joins 14 international NGOs to call for his release

Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab approaches one year in prison without sentencing

alt informationNext week marks one year since the Bahraini human rights activist and Index on Censorship award winner Nabeel Rajab was imprisoned on charges for which he has yet to be sentenced

#WeHearYou: Use your voice to support Bahrain’s political prisoners

alt informationIn Bahrain, you are not allowed to call for freedom or democracy. If you do you will be punished by the monarchy who has been ruling the country for the last 230 years: The Al-Khalifa

Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab’s son talks to Index about his father’s “unbreakable” spirit

alt informationAdam Rajab, the son of the prominent Bahraini human rights activist, says his father "is sacrificing himself to see a country which respects human rights"

Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab trial postponed until 12 June

alt informationThe trial of the Bahraini human rights activist has been postponed until 12 June 2017, one day shy of a year since he was detained

Dear Nabeel: We are with you

alt informationAs Nabeel Rajab approaches a year in detention for exercising free speech, Index on Censorship expresses its solidarity with the 2012 Freedom of Expression Award winner.

Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab hospitalised and denied bail

alt informationOne of the Bahraini activist's two trials has been postponed until 30 May as court rules to further extend his imprisonment

Bahrain: Global leaders must speak out against human rights abuses

alt informationIndex on Censorship is deeply concerned about the deteriorating conditions for freedom of expression and human rights in Bahrain.

Bahrain: Opposition figure faces charges for free speech

alt informationBahrain’s decision to file charges against Ebrahim Sharif underscores the country’s tactical use of judicial harassment to suppress freedom of speech. Ebrahim Sharif, the former secretary-general of the secular opposition group National Democratic Action Society (Wa’ad), was charged with “inciting racial hatred against the regime” under article 165 of Bahrain’s penal code. The alleged offenses […]

Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab trial postponed until 16 April

alt informationThe trial of jailed Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab on charges of spreading "rumours and false news" was deferred for a second time on 7 March until 16 April.