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Index on Censorship’s response to the Leveson report

alt informationThe Leveson Report will become a benchmark for press regulation in modern democracies. Index has urged a serious, considered debate about Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations rather than their full adoption. The free speech organisation opposes the statutory underpinning of press regulation as proposed by Lord Justice Leveson.

Why journalism and politics should remain independent

Leveson's "statutory underpinning" is no way to protect press freedom, says Kirsty Hughes

Index: Leveson goes too far

Kirsty Hughes outlines Index's issues with the press inquiry's recommendations Press release: Index on Censorship’s response to the Leveson report

Leveson inquiry: Politicians must give weight to free speech

The judge's part is done, now its up to the press and parliament. Can the press convince politicians they are capable of reform? Or will the government decide it needs powers to control the press?

Global media community condemns response to killing of journalists

Index on Censorship joined more than 40 global media organisations signing a declaration to demand action from governments, the United Nations and industry to take action against violence towards journalists.

Britain’s media must start policing itself

No one can now be in any doubt about the depths to which some in the British media will sink to get a story. John Kampfner reports

Chinese television stations to limit English usage

Two of China’s most important state television networks, China Central Television (CCTV) and Beijing Television (BTV) confirmed on Tuesday that the government have issued new guidelines to stop journalists using English acronyms during broadcasts. Terms such as GDP and WTO are to be substituted for their Chinese equivalents in an attempt to maintain the purity of […]