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#IndexAwards2007: Chen Guangcheng, Whistleblower of the Year

alt informationChen Guangcheng, a Chinese civil right activist who won the Freedom of Expression Award in the Whistleblower of the Year in 2007, today lives in New York City.

Iranian blogger detained for criticising regime dies in custody

Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti was allegedly tortured to death in a prison in Tehran on Thursday (8 November). Beheshti, 35 was arrested on 28 October by Iranian police on charges of “actions against national security on social networks and Facebook.” The human rights defender had received death threats as a result of his anti-government blog and had […]

Bahraini activist serving life sentence writes letter from prison

Prominent Bahraini human rights defender Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja has been serving a life sentence since April 2011 for his involvement in anti-government protests last year. Al-Khawaja, who is also a Danish citizen, recently wrote a letter from prison to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to push for his release

Burundi: Freed journalist vows to expose prison conditions

A journalist who was imprisoned for 10 months for “publishing “information that discredits the state and economy” has vowed expose overcrowding in Burundi’s state prisons. Jean-Claude Kavumbagu is planning to draw on his experience of life behind bars in Mpimpa Prison to expose the issue of overcrowding. The editor of news site Net Press said: “My plan is […]

Syria: Freelance journalist arrested

The Syrian authorities have arrested an Algerian freelance journalist working for a French radio station. Khaled Sid Mohnad was picked up on 9 April and is thought to be in a Damascus prison. His arrest follows that of Syrian writer and former political prisoner Fayez Sara, who was arrested on 11 April after attending an  […]

Turkey: Nervin Berktaş tried in connection with controversial book

Writer Nevin Berktaş, author of the book “Difficult places that challenge the faith: Prison Cells” (published by Yediveren Yayınları in 2010), is being tried on charges of “spreading propaganda for an illegal organisation”. The case about Berktaş’s book has been pending for ten years. The book is related to the 22 years the writer spent […]

Gambia: Scottish “sedition” prisoner released

A Scottish missionary, who was jailed in 2008 for criticising the Gambian president, has been released. David Fulton was charged with sedition after emails he sent to friends in the UK were deemed offensive to President Yahya Jammeh. The 61-year-old and his wife spent 20 months in the notorious Mile 2 prison, facing hard labour […]

Peru: radio director facing 10 years in prison

Geovanni Acate, director of Radio Televisión Oriente, is facing a 10-year prison sentence after being charged with disrupting public tranquility and instigating the public to commit the crime of rebellion. Geovanni Acate, as Radio La Voz and other radio stations in the region, has been persecuted after reporting on the protests that took place in […]

Moroccan journalist sentenced to two years in prison

Moroccan journalist Mohammed Attaoui was convicted of extortion and sentenced to two years in prison on March 22. He claims he was set up by a former source and a forestry ministry official. Attaoui said he gave him the money — about 1,000 dirhams (90 euros) — to travel to Rabat or Meknes to take a test […]

Kuwait: Journalist gets six-month jail term for slander

Kuwaiti journalist Mohammed Abdel Qader Al-Jassem was convicted of  slander and sentenced to six months in prison on April 1 for publicly declaring that Prime Minister Skeikh Nasser Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah was unsuitable to run Kuwait and calling for his resignation. Al-Jassem is currently out on bail awaiting the outcome of his appeal against the […]

35 journalists incarcerated in Iran, more expected

CPJ’s latest monthly census reveals that as of April 1, about 35 journalists were imprisoned as a result of the Iranian government’s post-election media crackdown. Although 18 more journalists were temporarily released for the Iranian New Year they are expected to be returned to prison soon. Iran currently has the most incarcerated journalists in the […]

Venezuela: journalist sentence to two years in prison

On 25 March, journalist Gustavo Azocar, host of “Café con Azócar,” a news and political commentary of Televisora del Táchira, was sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment for illegal profiting in acts of public administration. Judge José Hernán Oliveros found the journalist guilty of fraud in the signing of a 2000 advertising contract […]