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Losing a point of reference: Press freedom in the US

alt informationThe loss of the United States and the United Kingdom as democratic beacons for the rights of journalists and the freedom of information is a bad omen for the rest of the world

Azerbaijan’s photographers: Facing arrest for capturing the raw truth

alt informationIn the run up to Azerbaijan's presidential election, authorities have showed open hostility to journalists, activists, ordinary citizens and artists. Rasul Jafarov and Rebecca Vincent look at some of the country’s courageous photojournalists, who document what life’s really like under President Ilham Aliyev

Five things Aliyev doesn’t want you to know about Azerbaijan’s presidential election

alt informationAlthough its government has been working hard to promote a positive image of Azerbaijan abroad, at home, it continues to crack down on citizens’ ability to exercise their basic rights and fundamental freedoms, Rebecca Vincent writes

Internet freedom? Not in Azerbaijan

IGF | Azerbaijan's government locks up its online critics on trumped-up charges so it is an odd choice to host a giant international forum on internet freedom. Rebecca Vincent explains MORE ON THIS STORY: Access denied in Azerbaijan Letter from Baku