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#IndexAwards2018: MuckRock advocates for government transparency

alt informationThe nonprofit, collaborative news site, MuckRock, is used by journalists, activists and members of the public to request, receive and share government documents from any agency that is subject to transparency laws in the United States, hoping to make policies more open to the public, and democracies further informed.

Brazil’s opaque World Cup preparations roil protesters

alt informationRight at the heart of Brazil's 2013 mass protests was a feeling of alienation and exclusion from the decision making process for the preparations of the 2014 World Cup. Jack Gilbert reports

Fine words on open government don’t match actions

From America to Azerbaijan, leaders have pledged themselves to a new era of openness and transparency. So why are whistleblowers and journalists still punished, asks Mike Harris

UK arrest guidelines are a shift towards secrecy

Justice is better served by openness and transparency, writes Padraig Reidy

Global view

alt informationIndex CEO Kirsty Hughes looks at the current climate for free speech around the world, from press regulation in the UK to ongoing challenges to digital freedom

Free speech takes a beating in Greece

alt informationChristos Syllas looks at the threats to journalists and activists in crisis-stricken Greece, where a climate of terror prevails

New Microsoft report: a step towards transparency

Brian Pellot: New Microsoft report is a step towards transparency

New Microsoft report: a step towards transparency

Brian Pellot: New Microsoft report is a step towards transparency

On the ground: Sao Paulo

alt informationFree speech is enshrined in the constitution. But in reality, those with power and influence can stifle critical debate and reporting. It’s time to overhaul the system, says Rafael Spuldar

Google report says government surveillance is on the rise

Google’s new transparency report reveals government requests for user data and takedowns are on the increase Today the search giant updated its bi-annual report with requests from January to June 2012. In a blog accompanying the report a Google analyst said: This is the sixth time we’ve released this data, and one trend has become clear: Government surveillance […]

Why I won’t be going to Bahrain next week

The Bahraini government has a funny definition of transparency. Despite flowery invitations made during my last visit to the troubled country, an IFEX-affiliated delegation  following up on our trip has been denied entry. Not entirely promising for a country that insists it is committed to “reform”. Last time we went, we were there for the […]

Tighter privacy laws would only serve the rich and powerful

The report by MPs on privacy talks of the importance of free expression, but the measures it proposes fly in the face of that aim, says Index's John Kampfner