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Arthur Miller’s The Sin of Power

alt informationThe American playwright and author Arthur Miller wrote for Index Magazine in 1978 about The Sin of Power. Here we reproduce that article for the first time on our website.

Project Exile: Vietnam journalist went to France after six years in prison

alt information"The problems started when I did not confess to any crimes and when I refused to wear the prison uniform"

Six times Facebook ignored their own community standards when removing content

alt informationFacebook has received much criticism recently around the removal of content and its lack of transparency as to the reasons why

Laos: Crony scheme in control of press and civil society

alt informationPeople forget, as they rarely do with Vietnam or China, that Laos is still a communist state with complete control over the press and civil society. Helen Clark reports

Naming and shaming: 8 countries egregiously violating religious freedom

alt informationThe U.S. State Department names and shames eight “Countries of Particular Concern” that severely violate religious freedom rights within their borders. Now an independent watchdog is naming and shaming the State Department, saying its list should be doubled. Brian Pellot reports

Internet repression in Vietnam continues as 30-month prison sentence for blogger is upheld

The case of Le Quoc Quan is just the latest move in the Vietnamese authorities' ongoing attack on dissent, free speech, free press and a free internet. Helen Clark reports

Cambodia: Human rights defender threatened for opposing hate speech

Cambodia has come a long way since the brutal Pol Pot regime, but the recent flood of hate-mail and death-threats sent to the president of the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights points to a society still dangerously divided over ethnic and racial issues. Tom Fawthrop reports

Four places where social media could land you in jail

alt informationFacebook has nearly 1.2 billion monthly active users –that’s nearly 20% of the total global population. Yet, in some countries harsh sanctions and time in jail can be imposed on those who comment on social media, in the majority of cases for speaking out against their government.

Five activists punished by their governments for speaking out

Activists are continually harassed and punished for standing up and speaking out about social and political issues they feel are unjust in their country. Here are five activists whose government didn’t quite like what they had to say.   Raif Badawi- Saudi blogger punished after calling for ‘day of liberalism’ It would seem absurd to […]

Vietnamese bloggers launch online network to push for human rights

alt informationThe Network of Vietnamese Bloggers has called on the government of Vietnam to uphold its commitment to human rights in wake of the country's election to the United Nations Human Rights Council

Inept or clever? Vietnam’s censors keep everyone guessing

alt informationVietnam's government keeps cultural activities from web comics to concerts under its watchful eye, for sex as much as sedition. Helen Clark reports

What does state press control look like?

In light of the UK's Royal Charter on newspaper regulation, we look at 10 countries where the government has a hand in controlling the press