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Belarus’ counter-extremism laws used to restrict free expression

alt informationVolha Siakhovich outlines how Belarusian authorities are using anti-extremism legislation to silence journalists and human rights workers

Belarus: Bialiatski is out of prison – but not entirely ‘free’

alt informationAles Bialiatski, a well-known Belarusian human rights defender, was released from prison on Saturday after staying for almost three years behind bars on politically motivated charges, Andrei Aliaksandrau reports from Minsk.

Hockey championship in Belarus: Lukashenko puts activists on ice

The authorities in Belarus are trying to ensure that no one spoils the upcoming World ice hockey championship the country hosts -- not even human rights activists. Andrei Aliaksandrau reports

Belarus: Political prisoner Ales Bialiatski could walk free

The political prisoner can be “pardoned” if “it is proved the damage he caused with the tax fraud has been repaid.”

Bialiatski’s book banned in Belarus

The book by the political prisoner could "damage the image" of the country according to authorities. Andrei Aliaksandrau reports

Index supports Belarusian human rights defenders

alt informationIndex joins the International Day of Solidarity with Civil Society of Belarus to be held on 4 August, on the second anniversary of the arrest of a well-known Belarusian human rights defender Ales Bialiatski. Mike Harris, Head of Advocacy at Index, said: “Today we send our solidarity and support to Belarusian independent journalists and civil […]

Belarusians can’t protest to support jailed Nobel prize nominee, but you can

One year after heroic human rights activist Ales Bialiatski was arrested and jailed on politically-motivated charges, Index asks you to take action in solidarity

Conference urges ministers to “Suspend Belarus from the OSCE”

Index on Censorship’s Mike Harris joined a panel debate at the OSCE parallel conference on adopting a joint resolution on Belarus, giving consideration to the country’s suspension from the council

Human rights defender Ales Bialiatski sentenced to 4.5 years in prison

The founder of one of Belarus' leading human rights organisations has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for alleged tax evasion.
Index calls on the UK Foreign Office to press for Bialiatski's freedom

Belarus: Viasna leader arrested

Ales Bialiatski, head of Viasna, Belarus’s leading human rights group, has been arrested on suspicion of “concealment of income” and tax evasion. Tatsiana Reviaka, A member of Vesna, told Human Rights House Belarus that she believed “the reason behind these charges is the fact that our organisation has been providing different assistance to victims of political […]