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Las noticias falsas no son nada nuevo

alt informationPuede que en Estados Unidos estén aún acostumbrándose a sus «fake news», pero los bielorrusos llevan años lidiando con la táctica de las noticias

Старые методы дезинформации

alt informationКогда американцы только начинают вникать в понятие «дезинформация», белорусы имеют дело с этим приемом уже многие годы, пишет Андрей Алиаксандрау

الأخبار الزائفة: لا شيء جديد تحت الشمس

alt informationفي وقت يستفيق فيه الأمريكيون على ظاهرة "الأخبار المزيّفة"، يقول أندريه أليكساندراو بأن البيلاروسيين لديهم باع طويل في التعامل مع هذه التكتيكات التي خبروها لسنوات

Belarus: Crackdown sweeping journalists and human rights defenders into detention

alt informationHundreds of protests were detained during a weekend of anti-government protests in Belarus.

Leading independent news sites blocked in Belarus

alt informationBelarusian authorities attempt to hide a financial crisis by silencing critical voices in a new clampdown on media.

The information war between Russia and Ukraine

alt informationIn the Winter 2014 issue of Index on Censorship magazine, Andrei Aliaksandrau investigates the new information war as he travels across Ukraine

Azerbaijan: Azadliq journalist detained in continuing crackdown

alt informationIn the latest move against civil society in the country, Seymour Hazy, a reporter working for Azadliq, Azerbaijan’s last independent newspaper, was sentenced to two months pretrial detention on Monday, charged with disorderly conduct. Andrei Aliaksandrau reports

Azadliq editor not hopeful for future of Azerbaijan’s last independent daily

alt informationIndex Award winning Azadliq newspaper was forced into cancelling its print run last week with little hope of restoring its publication.

Belarus: Bialiatski is out of prison – but not entirely ‘free’

alt informationAles Bialiatski, a well-known Belarusian human rights defender, was released from prison on Saturday after staying for almost three years behind bars on politically motivated charges, Andrei Aliaksandrau reports from Minsk.

Ukraine: Poroshenko win a sign of national unity but not a final remedy

alt informationUkrainians have a long way to go to ensure the Maidan protests change more than just the name of the president and faces of the governmental officials, writes Andrei Aliaksandrau

Hockey championship in Belarus: Lukashenko puts activists on ice

The authorities in Belarus are trying to ensure that no one spoils the upcoming World ice hockey championship the country hosts -- not even human rights activists. Andrei Aliaksandrau reports