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Philip Pullman, Jimmy Wales, and Steve McQueen join call for Angola to drop charges against investigative journalist

Rafael Marques de Morais was last week given a suspended sentence following a criminal defamation trial related to his 2011 book on blood diamonds, published for the first time in English on June 2

13 July: 800 years after the Magna Carta, do we have a free press?

Join the Society of Editors, London Press Club, Media Society, Women in Journalism and YouGov for the debate

Pre-vetting broadcast content? That’s what dictatorships do, not democracies

alt informationThe idea that the government should have a role in assessing content before it is broadcast should set alarm bells ringing, writes Jodie Ginsberg

Jodie Ginsberg: “I believe in free expression, but…”

The decision by six authors to withdraw from a PEN American Center gala in which Charlie Hebdo will be honoured with an award once again emphasises the dangerous notion that some forms of free expression are more worthy than others of defending

Jodie Ginsberg: Squeezing out free speech on campus

alt informationInstitutions that should be crucibles for new thinking, at the forefront of challenges to established thought and practice, are instead actively shutting down debate, and shying away from intellectual confrontation

Comedian Shappi Khorsandi hosts Index on Censorship awards

alt informationComedian Shappi Khorsandi, the host of this year’s Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards, understands the effects of censorship first hand

Jodie Ginsberg: The right to free speech means nothing without the right to offend

alt informationIf the murders in Paris and now Copenhagen frighten us into silence they will have achieved their goal. That is why it is so vital that we continue to talk, and to listen

Don’t just click – speak out for free speech

alt informationIf you said ‘I believe in free expression, but…’ at any point in the past week, then this is for you. If you declared yourself to be ‘Charlie’, but have ever called for an offensive image to be removed from public viewing, then this is for you.

Index on Censorship response to the IMPRESS consultation

November 2014 (PDF) As a UK-based organisation dedicated to the promotion of free speech and elimination of censorship worldwide, Index on Censorship is pleased to have the opportunity to provide feedback on the documents that proposed press regulator IMPRESS has drawn up ahead of its formal launch. Index also made written and oral representations to […]

Jodie Ginsberg: Five things you need to know before visiting Azerbaijan

alt informationLondon-based daily newspaper Metro ran a feature this month extolling the delights of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Jodie Ginsberg, CEO of Index on Censorship, fills readers in on what Metro missed.

Banning us from watching this video of a criminal act is a step too far

alt informationThere is a difference between individuals exercising their right not to view or share a video, and companies such as Twitter -- or indeed the police force -- denying people the right to view it, writes Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg

Jodie Ginsberg: The new dissidents

alt informationIn 1977, the Russian dissident Alexander Ginzburg -- whose detention and sentencing almost a decade earlier helped to spur the creation of Index on Censorship -- was again arrested by the Soviet authorities.