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How Shakespeare’s plays smuggle in protest

alt informationProtest, dissent and controversy are all found within the pages of Shakespeare's plays. Index on Censorship editor Rachael Jolley introduces a Shakespeare special issue as the 400th anniversary of his death approaches

Editorial: Talk does not cost lives, silence does

alt informationSocieties often endanger lives by creating taboos, rather than letting citizens openly discuss stigmas and beliefs

Autumn magazine 2015: Spies, secrets and lies

alt informationThe autumn issue of Index on Censorship magazine is filled to the brim with stories and analysis from across the globe has a special report on the censors of old and new

Editorial: Spies in the new machines

alt informationThese days spies are just as likely to be inside your machine as outside your home, says Rachael Jolley

Shades of McCarthyism as global academic freedom challenged

alt informationEditor Rachael Jolley explains why the latest Index on Censorship magazine is focusing on academic freedom, with a look at current threats from around the worldwide, from Ukraine to the US

Rafael Marques de Morais: “They can lock me up, but they don’t get to silence me”

alt informationWhen you go up against the big guns of any state, you know they will throw everything at you. Investigative journalist Rafael Marques de Morais has learned this hard lesson in the last few days

Wired up: why refugees in exile remain silenced

alt informationPeople who have fled dangerous regimes now use free apps and digital connections to stay in touch with their former home, but they often worry that those networks can also be used against them, says Rachael Jolley

Painting over the Clacton Banksy? Does nobody understand satire any more?

All it seems to take is for one person to think that something’s ‘racist’ …

Will the future of journalism make us better informed?

alt informationWhen the subject of the future of journalism is discussed it often turns to whizzy gadgets but the debate about whether the public ends up being better informed happens less often, says editor Rachael Jolley as she introduces the latest Index on Censorship magazine

Current issue: Seeing the future of journalism – will the public know more?

In the autumn issue of Index on Censorship magazine, don’t miss: Burmese-born author Wendy Law-Yone on the challenges the Burma’s media face in the run-up to the next election; TV journalist Samira Ahmed on how television channels should respond to viewers’ complaints; award-winning foreign correspondent Iona Craig reports from Yemen on threats to journalism in […]

25 years after the fall of Berlin Wall, Europe’s past is being rewritten

As the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall approaches, Index on Censorship Rachael Jolley magazine editor argues we should not forget our history