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Tunisian rapper jailed for anti-police song

Tunisian rapper Alaa Yacoub (aka Weld 15) has been jailed for a song uploaded to YouTube against the police, after he came out of hiding to appear at a retrial earlier this month. Sara Yasin reports

Germany stalls Turkey EU talks over unrest

Germany has blocked Turkey's next steps towards European Union membership. Sara Yasin reports

Will Mexico’s plans for reducing violence mean anything for journalists?

Mexico's president, Enrique Peña Nieto, promised that tackling crime and drug-related violence is a priority for his six-month-old government. While improving safety is important, Peña Nieto must also remember that protecting journalists and human rights workers must go beyond words, says Sara Yasin

Adieu Ahmadinejad

The controversial Iranian president leaves office in August. Sara Yasin looks back at how he has restricted freedom of expression during his presidency

Blind dissident Chen Guangcheng to leave New York University amid claims of Chinese government pressure

Chen Guangcheng will leave his position at New York University at the end of this month, and has claimed that his departure is tied to pressure from Chinese authorities on the university. Sara Yasin reports

When polls go wrong: Al Jazeera Arabic edition

Al Jazeera Arabic has posted an eyebrow-raising poll on their website, where they ask who has turned Syria’s revolution into a sectarian conflict. Voters can choose from two options: “Shia” and “Sunni.” Really? Special thanks to @Falasteeni for the link

Bringing Muslim women artists to the public space

What are some of the specific challenges faced by Muslim women in the arts? Sara Yasin looks into some of the cultural barriers to artistic expression

China censors Winnie the Pooh

China's censors have taken down an image of two popular cartoon characters, after bloggers in the country used it to poke fun at the country's leader. Sara Yasin reports

Google reports spike in phishing attacks before Iran’s election

Attempts to harvest Iranian users web details may be politically motivated, says the Internet giant. Sara Yasin reports

Turkey’s Taksim Square cleared after violent clashes

In a bid to gain control of Taksim Square, Turkish security forces last night clashed with antigovernment protesters camped out in Istanbul's centre. Sara Yasin reports

Opinion: Hate speech should be challenged not silenced

Tennessee Department of Justice Attorney William Killian has recently raised eyebrows for suggesting that anti-Muslim messages online could be prosecuted under federal laws. Sara Yasin questions if his approach will help anyone

Protests expose the extent of self-censorship in Turkish media

Only days after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called social media “the worst menace to society”, the country arrested 25 social media users in Izmir for allegedly “spreading untrue information” on Twitter. Sara Yasin gives a rundown on developments