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Egypt: Regime casts wide net to destroy Muslim Brotherhood

alt informationAs journalists are detained and activists face violence and politically motivated charges, Egyptian authorities' heavy clampdown on dissent increasingly targets non-Islamists, Shahira Amin reports

Egypt continues to target Al Jazeera journalists

alt informationIn a new sign of a regression in press freedom in Egypt, authorities have ordered three journalists working for the Al Jazeera English (AJE) channel held in custody for fifteen days.

Explosions, arrests and Brotherhood ban raise fears of civil war in Egypt

Founders of April 6 Youth movement launch hunger strike as Sisi government hardens on dissent and pro-Islamist sentiment. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: ‘Authorities will stop at nothing to silence dissent’

alt informationIn spite of the release of some pro-Morsi protesters, Egyptian activists worry that the state is as brutal as ever, says Shahira Amin

In post-Morsi Egypt journalists toe the military line or self censor

alt informationEditorials and articles labelling democracy activists "anarchists and "thugs" signal that most Egyptian media has reverted to its old pre-revolution ways, siding with the military-backed government against the opposition activists. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt moves to lower expectations for new constitution

alt informationPublic service messages on Egyptian radio stations candidly tell listeners that a new constitution currently being drafted by a fifty-member panel "won't be the best that the country has had". Listeners are assured however, that the new charter will not be Egypt's last. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt tense as Morsi trial gets under way

alt informationJournalists were attacked by pro-Morsi protesters as the trial of the deposed president and 14 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders opened in Cairo on Monday morning. The tension on the streets of the Egyptian capital was palpable, Shahira Amin writes

Bassem Youssef under investigation for “insulting the military”

alt informationAnger at the new series of "Egyptian Jon Stewart's" TV show reflects the country's deepening divisions, reports Shahira Amin

‘Draconian’ bill regulating protests fuels fear in Egypt

alt informationA controversial bill regulating protests has provoked public outrage in Egypt, fuelling fears among rights activists and revolutionary forces that the gains made since the January 2011 mass uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak may be reversed.

Egypt borrows a page from China’s media strategy

alt informationGovernment crackdowns on free expression in China and Egypt have shown disturbing similarities with repressive tactics used by the two regimes to silence dissent, Shahira Amin writes

Egyptian activists battle ‘epidemic’ of sexual harassment and violence

alt informationSexual harassment has been widespread in Egypt for decades but since the January 2011 uprising that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak, the problem has taken on epic proportions becoming what rights activists now describe as "an epidemic". Shahira Amin reports

Egypt’s retro crackdown on dissent

alt informationProsecuting Egyptian dissenters was common practice under deposed president Hosni Mubarak with regime loyalists often fabricating charges against opponents to silence them. Shahira Amin reports on the latest wave of intimidation by the country's current military regime.