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Periodismo en el exilio: Un editor presiona al Gobierno de Azerbaiyán a través de las redes sociales

alt information"Es importante que los periodistas que se encuentran en el extranjero se comuniquen entre ellos"

Журнализм в изгнании: Редактор прибегает к социальным средствам массовой информации в попытке надавить на правительство Азербайджана

alt informationРахим Хациев, в то время действующий главный редактор азербайджанской газеты «Азадлыг» (Azadliq), принимает Награду за Свободу Слова в области журналистики от «Индекса цензуры» (Index on Censorship) в 2014 году (Фото Алекса Бреннера для «Индекса Цензуры»)

Independent artists empower Cubans to speak out against censorship

alt informationTo an outsider, the most startling part of artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara’s arrest on 21 July for attempting to protest on the Capitol steps in Havana was the passivity, bordering on fearful ignorance, of his fellow Cubans at the scene.

China and censorship

alt informationIndex on Censorship magazine Index has compiled a reading list of articles from the magazine archives covering censorship In China.

ENO youth company combats censorship with operatic expression

alt informationA group of teens shuffle onto a stage. It could be any summer programme, but when professional opera singer Abigail Kelly leads them in a song on political dissent and dictatorship, it’s clear that they’ve come together to create something novel, provocative and, above all, youth-led.

Malaysian cartoonist Zunar cleared of sedition charges

alt informationAfter a legal battle active since 3 April 2015, Zunar’s nine sedition charges were dropped on Monday 30 July 2018

Cuban artists arrested for protesting against law restricting public display of art

alt informationTheir plan was clear: cover yourself with excrement, hold a sign demanding “Free art. No to decree 349” and be visible

Cartoonist Zunar holding Malaysia’s government accountable on free expression

alt informationNine banned books. Nine charges of sedition carrying the maximum penalty of 43 years imprisonment. Countless attacks, raids and arrests. These were the consequences of Malaysian cartoonist Zunar’s cartoons and tweets decrying government scandals.

الصحافة في المنفى: محرّر يستخدم وسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية للضغط على حكومة أذربيجان

alt informationالصحفي اليمني عبد العزيز محمد الصبري يشرح مخاطر العمل الصحفي في بلده. أجرت المقابلة لورا سيلفيا باتاجليا

Journalism in Exile: Editor uses social media to pressure Azerbaijan’s government

alt informationOn the night that Rahim Haciyev accepted the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Guardian Journalism Award, he held aloft a copy of Azadliq, the paper that persevered despite assaults from the government whose misdoings it exposed