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Hijack, arrest, torture: Belarusian journalists under attack

alt informationThe grounding of a Ryanair flight on a fake bomb threat is just the latest escalation of an independent media clampdown in Belarus

Journalists and media freedom under attack in Lukashenko’s Belarus

alt informationVolha Siakhovich writes from Belarus about the current conditions of journalists working in the country

Belarus: Equal media access denied to opposition candidates during election

alt informationOn 11 September, the people of Belarus elected the lower house of parliament, the House of Representatives. Speaking about the media environment surrounding the elections

Belarus: Government uses accreditation to silence independent press

alt informationDespite repeated calls by international organisations for reform, Belarus' regime for press accreditation continues to help the government maintain its monopoly on information

Andrei Bastunets: Press freedom has never been easy in Belarus

alt informationBelarusian authorities were busy in 2015: the government introduced new laws aimed at restricting media outlets and distributors; freelance journalists contributing to foreign media outlets found themselves facing prosecution; and websites publishing material that “may harm the national interests of the Republic of Belarus” were extrajudicially blocked.

Belarus’ counter-extremism laws used to restrict free expression

alt informationVolha Siakhovich outlines how Belarusian authorities are using anti-extremism legislation to silence journalists and human rights workers

Belarus: Media violations recorded during last month’s election

alt informationOn 11 October, Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko won his fifth consecutive election. Whether it was a free and fair election is up for debate

Freelance journalists in Belarus face fines for working with foreign media

alt informationIn Belarus, dozens of freelance journalists were fined between 2014 and 2015 for working for foreign media without an accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs