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Free speech on campus is a key Index on Censorship project to defend and expand freedom of speech at colleges and universities around the world

Solidarity with Academics for Peace imprisoned in Turkey

alt informationWe declare our solidarity with Academics for Peace, and with all progressives under threat in Turkey.

Move to protect free speech on US campuses raises concerns

alt informationWhen conservative Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson was invited to deliver the distinguished Roy H Park Lecture at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s journalism school, outrage erupted over the choice.

Ireland: Students at Trinity College vote against proposition to defund University Times

alt informationThe controversy followed reporting of alleged hazing at an all-male and secretive sporting club, the Knights of the Campanile

Syria’s universities: Tragedy and disaster

alt informationDr. Kassem Alsayed Mahmoud speaks to Emily Seymour about Syrian academic freedom

Ireland: Trinity College newspaper faces closure over investigation into all-male student society

alt informationThe initiation ceremony, or “hazing”, was seemingly meted out to those invited to become members of the Knights of the Campanile, an invitation-only sporting society, based on similar bodies at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

Turkish academic who signed peace petition set to go to prison for 15 months

alt informationTurkish academic Zübeyde Füsun Üstel now faces 15 months in prison after signing a petition calling for the Turkish government to change its policy towards the Kurds. She could become the first academic imprisoned for adding her signature.

Scholars at Risk: Zelalem Kibret forced to choose between silence and speaking his mind

alt informationEthiopian blogger and academic Zelalem Kibret was raised in a country where living in silence or speaking your mind was often a choice between life and death.

New report and guide on free speech in UK universities published

alt informationA narrative of safety and risk is hampering freedom of speech on UK university campuses, a new Index report has found.

Jonathan Haidt on academic freedom: “We’re all caught in a minefield”

alt information“We’re all walking through a world in which one word we say can mean misreported — or partly reported — on Twitter and it blows up into something.”

Academic’s indictment reflects the Turkish government’s criminalisation of free speech

alt informationDespite the lifting of the state of emergency in July, arbitrary arrests and human rights violations continue.

Work of the Kurdish and Turkish diaspora essential to strengthen Turkey’s democratic opposition, exiled academic says

alt informationNaif Bezwan cannot pinpoint a certain moment in his life in which he decided to pursue academia. For Bezwan, rather, it has been a gradual process of situating his personal narrative within the context of his Kurdish community, within Turkey and within the world.

Turkey: “I am not hopeless – one day this climate will change”

alt informationSahika Erkonan never thought signing a petition meant signing away her life, her family or her country. Marooned in London, she faces an uncertain future