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Artist in Exile: Eddy Munyaneza driven to become the man behind the camera

alt informationEddy Munyaneza is an award-winning filmmaker who was forced into exile when he created documentaries about Burundi's president Pierre Nkurunziza, who was running for a third term and the political crisis that followed.

#Index100: Unveiling this year’s 100 global free speech heroes

alt informationA graffiti artist who paints murals in war-torn Yemen, a jailed Bahraini academic and the Ethiopia’s Zone 9 bloggers are among those listed among this year’s #Index100 global free expression heroes.

Des organisations internationales pour la liberté de la presse appellent les autorités burundaises à enquêter sur les attaques commises envers les journalistes et défenseurs des droits de l’homme

6 Août 2015 Les organisations soussignées œuvrant pour la liberté de la presse, le développement des médias et les droits humains dénoncent les attaques continues et les menaces contre les journalistes, le personnel des médias et les défenseurs des droits humains, notamment les récents incidents graves durant lesquels le défenseur des droits humains Pierre Claver […]

International press freedom organisations call on Burundi authorities to investigate attacks on journalists and human rights defenders

alt informationPress freedom, media development and human rights organisations denounce the continued attacks on and threats to journalists, media workers and human rights defenders in Burundi

Burundi: Nkurunziza targets the press

alt informationAfter a bloody civil war, Burundi looked like it had turned the corner, until the country's president rounded on the press with repressive legislation, Jos Van Steelandt reports

Burundi: Reporter sentenced to life imprisonment

A High Court in Burundi has sentenced a journalist to life  in prison over terrorism charges. Hassan Ruvakuki, a reporter for local radio station Bonesha FM and French government-funded broadcaster Radio France Internationale was found guilty of “participating in terrorist attacks”, along with 13 other defendants. In November 2011, Ruvakuki recorded a statement from former police officer Pierre Claver Kabirigi, […]

Burundi: Prosecutor requests life imprisonment for journalist charged with terrorism

A prosecutor in Burundi has requested a life sentence for a journalist facing charges of terrorism. Radio journalist Hassan Ruvakuki was arrested on 28 November 2011 after interviewing an alleged member of a rebel group based in Tanzania. The journalist and 22 others are charged with “participating in acts of terrorism”. Many of the defendants, including Ravakuki, refused […]

Burundi: Freed journalist vows to expose prison conditions

A journalist who was imprisoned for 10 months for “publishing “information that discredits the state and economy” has vowed expose overcrowding in Burundi’s state prisons. Jean-Claude Kavumbagu is planning to draw on his experience of life behind bars in Mpimpa Prison to expose the issue of overcrowding. The editor of news site Net Press said: “My plan is […]

Burundi: Regulator suspends talk show

Burundi’s state-run media regulator, the National Communications Council, suspended a popular talk show on Monday (25 April) after a caller accused the President of wrongdoing. The show, Kabizi, was ordered off the air for an initial four-day period. The caller insinuated that the President had committed war crimes during Burundi’s civil war, the show’s host […]

Burundi: Court rules to keep journalist detained

A journalist charged with treason will remain in pre-trial detention, a court ruled on 6 September. Jean-Claude Kavumbagu was arrested on 17 July after he wrote an article about the possibility of Burundi being the target for a terrorist attack. The editor of online newspaper Net Press, has been detained four times in his 14 […]

Support Jean-Claude Kavumbagu

Richard Wilson: support Jean-Claude Kavumbagu

Burundi: Journalist charged with treason

Burundi journalist Jean Claude Kavumbagu was arrested and charged with treason on 17 July. Kavumbagu, the editor of online news service Net Press, published an article that accused Burundi’s security forces of stealing and looting. It also suggested that they would be unable to prevent a terrorist attack on their country. It remains unclear why […]