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#IndexAwards2018: Fereshteh Forough opens first Afghanistan coding school for girls

alt informationThe founder and executive director of Code to Inspire, Fereshteh Forough, addresses the low levels of female education by founding the the first coding school in Afghanistan for girls.

В ловушке

alt informationИностранные корреспонденты часто полагаются на "посредников", которые помогают собирать информацию о пострадавших от войны странах.

El filo de la noticia

alt informationA menudo los corresponsales en el extranjero tienen que ayudarse de guías (fixers en inglés), para informar desde países asolados por la guerra. Sin embargo, como revela Caroline Lees, estos pueden terminar en el punto de mira por espionaje si sus nombres se hacen conocidos en la zona.

المشي على خيط رفيع

عتمد الكثير من المراسلين الأجانب على "أدلّاء" صحفيين (Fixers) لمساعدتهم على تغطية مناطق الصراع. ولكن، كما تكشف كارولين ليس، يتعرّض هؤلاء الأشخاص في أحيان كثيرة للاستهداف كـ"جواسيس" عندما تكشف أسمائهم الحقيقية محليا

Leading Nepal editor speaks out about independent media facing censorship in South Asia

alt informationAfter 29 years of circulation, Himal Southasian, which claims to be the only analytical and regional news magazine for South Asia, will cease to publish as of November 2016.

Risky business: Journalists around the world under direct attack

alt informationThe truth is in danger. Working with reporters and writers around the world, Index continually hears first-hand stories of the pressures of reporting, and of how journalists are too afraid to write or broadcast because of what might happen next.

Contents: Danger in truth, truth in danger

alt informationIndex on Censorship has dedicated its milestone 250th issue to exploring the increasing threats to reporters worldwide. Its special report, Truth in Danger, Danger in Truth: Journalists Under Fire

Statement of solidarity with the Afghan media community following the attacks on Tolo TV

alt informationIn response to the attacks on Tolo TV on 20 January, in which eight people have been killed and 30 others injured, we stand in solidarity with the Afghan media community

How Afghanistan’s female journalists are covering the stories no one else can

The country's female journalists are playing a vital role in society, but threats remain

#IndexAwards2015: Campaigning nominee Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar is an Afghan journalist and the executive director of the media advocacy group Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, which works to develop a free media as the country develops a peacetime society.

Five reasons why journalism isn’t all glitz and glam

Journalists are known for uncovering the truth. What is less known is how these journalists gather these facts, often risking their jobs, and sometimes their lives, to discover information others are attempting to keep hidden from the world.

The fragile gains of Afghan journalism

This year, Massoud Hossaini became the first individual Afghan journalist to win a Pulitzer Prize. Hossaini’s photograph — a little girl crying in a bright green dress covered in the blood of the bodies surrounding her — also made him the first journalist to win a Pulitzer for the Agence France-Press news agency in its 177-year existence. For […]