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What's eating Hugo Chavez?

Pete Ward: What's eating Hugo Chávez?

Colombian journalist barred from USA under Patriot Act

Hollman Morris, an internationally-renowned Colombian journalist, has been barred from entering the United States to take up a fellowship at Harvard University. His visa application was denied after he was placed on a Patriot Act no-fly list. Morris has previously been publicly lauded by the State Department and Human Rights Watch. His writing has been published around […]

Photographer killed in Colombia

On 16 April an independent photojournalist, was killed at his home in Ibagué. Arsenio Zambrano Ocampo, 62, was stabbed to death by two attackers, who were later arrested. One of the arrested was in possesion of Ocampo’s laptop. The photojournalist is the second media worker killed in Tolima within a week. Mauricio Medina was murdered on […]

Colombia: Radio journalist killed

On 11 April, Mauricio Medina Moreno, director and founding member of the indigenous community radio CRIT 98.0 FM Estéreo, was murdered in his home in the town of Ortega. Medina, 50, died of multiple knife wounds. Although police described the murder as a ‘crime of passion’, some organisations said that this label is often applied […]

Colombian journalist receives death threats

On 7 April, Edgar Astudillo Vásquez, radio producer of a news program on Radio Panzenú, received a a pamphlet that said he would be killed before April 20 in any street in his home city of Montería in the Córdoba region. The death threats came the “Los Paisas paramilitary group. Since the murder of the radio journalist Clodomiro […]

Columbian court gives President ultimatum

The Constitutional Court of Columbia has declared several high level officials in contempt of court for not carrying out a court ruling issued 9 months ago ordering them to provide information and security to a journalist at risk. The court gave the President the Interior vice Minister and the National Police Director 48 hours to […]

Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa (FLIP)

Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa is an organisation that systematically monitors threats against the freedom of the press in Colombia, develops activities that contribute to the protection of journalists and promotes the fundamental right to information.

Reporter shot on Journalist Day

A journalist was shot dead in Algeciras as Colombia celebrated the national Day of the Journalist.

Colombia: Death list; media & violence

alt informationIn this issue, Index on Censorship magazine explores the origins of the Medellin death list and violence in Colombia.

Mustafa Amin: My 50 years of press censorship

alt informationIn this issue, Index interviews prominent publisher Mustafa Amin who gives his own account of the state of press freedom in Egypt.

From Helsinki to Belgrade…

alt information In this issue, Index publishes replies to a questionnaire on what has been - or is likely to be - achieved by the 1975 Final Act.

Uruguay: Getting rid of critics

alt informationIn this issue, Index investigates the grim consequences for Uruguay's cultural life of three years military rule.