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Colombia: French journalist suspected kidnapped

Update 02 May 2012: Colombia’s Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) confirmed in a statement today that they are holding French journalist Roméo Langlois prisoner. A French television journalist injured during a clash between Colombian Army troops and members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) has gone missing and may have been kidnapped by the rebels according to Colombian […]

Colombia: Bogota mayor accused of press censorship

A Colombian news network has accused Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro of operating a “totalitarian” approach to the press. In a web article published on Tuesday, CM& said Petro handling of the press was on an “alarming and disturbing” slope. The allegations followed a recent press conference on a bullfighting ban, where Petro allegedly refused to allow journalists to use their […]

Colombia: Editor given suspended prison term

The editor of a Colombian monthly newspaper has been handed a 20-month suspended sentence and a $5,500 fine. Luis Agustín González, who is both founder and editor of Cundinamarca Democrática, was convicted of criminal libel yesterday, after he published an article critical of  local politician. In a 2008 article, González expressed his dismay that Maria Leonor Serrano had announced […]

Colombia: Former president Uribe labels journalists “terrorism sympathisers”

Following the publication of stories in the Washington Post earlier this month that allege former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe Vélez may have been involved in illegal actions using the national intelligence service with the help of the US, the former leader accused the articles’ writers of being sympathisers of terrorism and accomplices of leftist guerrillas. The journalists […]

Doused matches save Columbian journalist in petrol attack

Two men kidnapped Channel 22 director Mario Esteban López last night (6 June), tied a rope around his neck and forced him to drive to a secluded area where they poured gasoline on him. Fortunately the abductors’ matches also got covered in petrol and failed to light, a police car then drove by, frightening the […]

Colombian reporters to hold silent protest

Violence against journalists in Colombia has escalated recently, with paramilitary groups issuing threats against reporters all over the country. The threats are worrisome for a country, where drug traffickers, corrupt politicians, leftist guerrillas and paramilitary groups killed 43 journalists since 1992. For that reason, the Colombian Federation for Journalists, FELCOPER, will hold a silent march on 3 […]

Colombia: Journalists threatened by paramilitary group

Journalists and human rights groups in Colombia have received alarming threats from Aguilas Negras, an extreme right wing paramilitary group. The groups and individuals received a document signed by the “Central Command of the Black Eagles” warning them that their lives are in danger.  Aguilas Negras has targeted journalists in the past: one report accused […]

Colombia: Journalist’s home firebombed

On Wednesday 16 February, an unidentified group threw a firebomb at journalist Rodolfo Zambrano’s home in Bolivar. He was unharmed as he was not there at the time. The attack caused damage to the exterior of his house, but firefighters were able to stop the flames from spreading inside. Journalists frequently face harassment in the […]

Wikileaks is opening a window of transparency

As in every country affected by Wikileaks, Mexico is trying to figure out what to learn from the released cables that undress what U.S. officials think of this country and its politicians. In the released documents US Ambassador Carlos Pascual, and other US officials, openly discuss their doubts about the effectiveness of Mexican security institutions. […]

Mexico and Colombia: Drug trafficking reporting targeted

In Mexico’s northeastern state of Sinaloa, the Noreste newspaper issued a statement saying that its facilities were the target of an armed attack on 1 September 2010. The attack took place after a reporter received a threatening phone call from unidentified members of an organised gang. They fired bullets at the Noreste building and placed […]

Reporters march in Mexico

Ana Arana: Reporters march in Mexico

Reporters march in Mexico

Just a few days after several thousand reporters marched in Mexico City and other cities across the country to protest attacks against the press, the journalism community is elated to have managed to organise such a gathering. But as former editor of El Universal Raymundo Riva Palacio warned his colleagues before the march, displays of […]