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The Museum of Dissidence: “Freedom of expression is an integral part of all societies”

alt informationThere’s a lot of artists but also many activists who are involved in the projects of the Museum of Dissidence. And for us, this is a recognition for them as well.

#IndexAwards 2018: Museum of Dissidence creators remain fiercely loyal to their project

alt informationThe Museum of Dissidence represents a new, young generation of artists who are not afraid to challenge Cuba's still repressive regime.

#IndexAwards2016: Tania Bruguera’s #YoTambienExijo ignites a worldwide movement

alt informationThe beginnings of the #YoTambienExijo movement were born on 17 December 2014, when President Obama announcement a landmark warming of the 53-year chill between the United States and Cuba

Cuban artists still condemned to silence

alt informationDissident artists are no better off post-Fidel, and renewed relations with the US haven't helped as many hoped or claimed they would

Why US sanctions are a blow to free expression

alt informationIf you live in Cuba, Iran or Sudan, and are using the increasingly popular online education tool Coursera, you are likely encounter some access difficulties from this week onwards. Coursera has been included in the US export sanctions regime. Milana Knezevic writes

Yoani Sánchez: Living the life

In this Index on Censorship magazine interview from 2011, the celebrated Cuban blogger talks to Nick Caistor and Amanda Hopkinson

Cuban dissident faces protests during Brazil tour

Cuban dissident and blogger Yoani Sánchez is having a hard time on her visit to Brazil, facing demonstrations by pro-Castro protesters. One of the most prominent free-speech Cuban activists, Sánchez arrived in Brazil on Sunday (17 February) for a round of conferences and events in the northeastern state of Bahia and federal capital Brasília. On Monday 18 February, Sánchez was at Feira de Santana (in Bahia) where she would attend a presentation of a documentary about the Cuban regime, but the violence of the protestors caused the event to be cancelled. The demonstrators accused Sánchez’s blog Generación Y of spreading anti-Cuban propaganda. Some of the protesters went as far as denouncing her as a representative of imperialism and a CIA agent. Senator [...]

The beat goes on?

Daisy Williams:The beat goes on, but lest we forget the casualties of musical censorship

Cuba: Ladies in White prevented from marking activist’s death

Cuban authorities yesterday prevented members of women’s organisation Ladies in White from entering a building in downtown Havana for an event commemorating the second anniversary of the death of activist Orlando Zapata Tamayo. Authorities reportedly diverted traffic from passing in front of the headquarters, stationed police officers in the four corners of the crossroad and […]

Cuba: blogger Yoani Sánchez’s travel to Brazil denied

Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez has been denied permission to leave the island to visit Brazil. Last month, Sanchez formally appealed to the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to enter the country so that she could attend the screening of a documentary about press freedom in Cuba and Honduras in which she features. The blogger tweeted that this was the 19th time she has been […]

Cuba: Journalist faces decades in prison

A Cuban journalist is facing more than ten years in prison for alleged corruption offences. José Antonio Torres, a correspondent for Granma, the party newspaper, in Santiago de Cuba, was detained on 11 March, 2011 after writing two articles criticising a major government infrastructure project. In the articles, Torres said experts undertaking the rebuilding of a key aqueduct intended […]

Cuba: Jailed dissident dies after hunger strike

Dissident Wilmar Villar Mendoza, has died in a hospital in eastern Cuba following a 56-day hunger strike. Villar launched his strike shortly after his November arrest, after which he was put on trial and sentenced to four years in prison for crimes including disobedience, resistance and crimes against the state. Fellow opposition activists have claimed mistreatment by the Cuban government […]