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Good sports: Which free-speech offending countries should we blow the whistle on?

Against the backdrop of the World Cup in Brazil, we ask how, during global sporting events, should we respond to countries that repress their citizen's free expression? Should we engage or ignore?

Bahrain’s grand prix problem

Bahrain’s top news during the past 48 hours say a lot about the troubled country: glitzy races are welcome; experts on torture are not. Bahraini officials yesterday claimed that UN special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, had cancelled his upcoming visit “indefinitely”. Funnily enough, the special rapporteur has denied this claim, saying that the government has actually blocked his visit, which was set to take place next month. The Special Rapporteur said in a release today that officials claimed that his trip could potentially endanger the success of the country’s National Dialogue, which began earlier this year. Mendez said that the decision “does not enhance transparency with regard to the situation in the country nor demonstrate a commitment to redress [...]

Sport v human rights

MAGAZINE | Despite talk of reform, the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Beijing Olympics proved to be catalysts for rights abuses. Mihir Bose asks whether human rights should be a criterion for hosting coveted international sporting events READ MORE | Martin Polley: Game Control

Bahrain: Journalists deported

Index condemns the arrest and deportation of foreign journalists covering demonstrations against the widely-criticised Bahrain Grand Prix this past week