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Poetic Pilgrimage: Hip hop has the capacity to “galvanise the masses”

Their love of music brought them together but it was their spirituality and a feeling of seeking that prompted them to convert to Islam

Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom

Here’s a roundup of some the most appalling religious freedom violations from across the globe.

Lejla Becar: The bulk-banning of bands in Bosnia

Index on Censorship youth advisory board member Lejla Becar discusses the banning of music in Bosnia

#IndexDrawtheLine: How can we balance religious freedom and religious extremism?

Religious freedom and religious radicalism which leads to extremism has become an increasingly difficult balancing act in the digital age where presenting religious superiority through fear and “terror” is possible both locally and internationally at internet speeds. The ongoing series of beheading videos released by the Islamic State and the showcase of kidnapped school girls by Nigeria’s Boko […]

Boko Haram: “If it can happen in Nigeria, it can happen here in Pakistan”

More than three weeks after the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls from the northern Nigerian town of Chibok by Boko Haram (BH), an Islamist militant group, the world is finally awake to the tragedy. Zofeen Ebrahim reports

Media must end its love affair with religious censors

A media that paints puritans and fanatics as mainstream forfeits its right to condemn them, writes Alex Gabriel

Islam and feminism: A battle of viewpoints

Women of all religions can push for gender equality, writes Morgan Meaker.

Indonesia’s democracy is no guarantee to freedom of faith

In the run up to this year's elections, Indonesia's politicians would have you believe that religious freedom is not a problem for the world's largest Muslim population country. Endy Bayuni reports

Pakistan’s religious kidnappings: Forced conversions and marriages

An increase in kidnappings of Hindu girls who are then coerced to embrace Islam and forced to marry has raised concerns in Pakistan, Zofeen Ebrahim writes

Religion rules in Russia

From the magazine: Why does freedom of religion and belief continue to cause conflict in post-Soviet Russia? Alexander Verkhovsky looks at the new blasphemy act and its implications for freedom of expression

Opinion: Hate speech should be challenged not silenced

Tennessee Department of Justice Attorney William Killian has recently raised eyebrows for suggesting that anti-Muslim messages online could be prosecuted under federal laws. Sara Yasin questions if his approach will help anyone

Moroccan atheist Imad Habib hiding from police

Moroccan atheist Imad Eddin Habib is now on the run, after police began searching for him last week. Habib told Irshad Manji‘s Moral Courage TV that officers confronted his father, asking him to bring an end to his son’s activism. Habib is the founder of the Council of Ex-Muslims in Morocco, which aims for the “application of a secular constitution.” The 22-year-old student has gained a reputation for his activism and controversial posts online, including a photograph of himself eating ice cream during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. Shortly before he went into hiding, Habib was featured in an article on a high profile Moroccan news site, and police were searching for him hours after it was published. Atheism is [...]