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Kuwait: Twitter user imprisoned for five years for ‘insulting’ Muhammad

Musab Shamsah was sentenced for mocking religion and publishing content that could be deemed offensive to religious groups. Alice Kirkland reports

Index Index – International free speech round up 06/02/13

Index Index - International free speech round up 06/02/13

Kuwait: 10-year sentence for Twitter blasphemer

A Kuwaiti man was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday after being convicted of endangering state security as a result of messages he sent on Twitter. The judge found Hamad al-Naqi guilty of insulting the prophet Muhammad and Islam, and insulting the rulers of neighbouring Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Al-Naqi pleaded innocent at […]

Kuwait: Blogger sentenced to ten years in prison

A Kuwaiti blogger has been sentence to ten years in prison and fined 1000 Kuwaiti dinars for “insulting the Prince and his powers” in poems uploaded on YouTube. Lawrence al-Rashidi was initially accused of “spreading false news and rumors about the situation in the country”  and “calling on tribes to confront the ruling regime, and bring down its transgressions” in […]

Kuwait: Writer imprisoned

Kuwaiti writer Mohamed al-Melify was jailed for  seven years on Monday on charges of spreading false statements via Twitter. He was arrested last February, and the Kuwait Criminal Court found him guilty of spreading false news about sectarian divisions in the country and publishing insults about Shiism, in addition to charges of libel and defaming a […]

Kuwait: Art exhibition shut down for “controversial” content

An art exhibition in Kuwait has been shut down three hours after opening. A group of men entered the exhibition of a collection of paintings from Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin, and removed the paintings,  claiming they had received a complaint over their content. Amin told Al-Qabas newspaper that those who closed down the show misinterpreted the meaning of […]

Kuwait: Daily newspaper suspended for “creating sectarian strife”

The suspension of a privately owned newspaper in Kuwait has been extended for the second time. Daily paper Al-Dar was suspended in an emergency session on 2 February after authorities accused the paper of violating the Press and Publications Law by “undermining national unity” and “creating sectarian strife”. The accusations followed the publication in January of three articles defending […]

Kuwait: Crackdown on “stateless” protests

Stateless protesters face deportation after demonstrations in Kuwait demanding citizenship turned violent. Kuwaiti authorities revealed that as a punishment, the stateless “Bedoon” population, those without passports, would be forced out of the country. Authorities also warned that any Bedoon from the army and police force would be dismissed if they or their children attended the protests, and […]

Kuwait: Government backs crackdown on stateless protests

The Kuwait government has supported the suppression of “stateless” protesters by security forces over the weekend. Protests demanding citizenship rights turned violent, and riot police fired tear gas and used batons to disperse protesters. A statement issued after Kuwait’s weekly cabinet meeting said: “The council of ministers expresses its backing and support for the measures being taken by […]

Kuwait: Man jailed for comments on Twitter

Sunni activist Mubarak al-Bathali has been sentenced to three months in jail by a Kuwaiti court for comments about Shiite Muslims made on his Twitter account. A few weeks ago, he was arrested by secret police, and charged with “undermining national unity” as well as “disparaging Shiites”.  

Kuwait: TV Channel and newspapers shut down

The Kuwaiti satellite channel Mubasher and newspaper Al-Mustaqbal, both owned by Shaikh Fahd Salem Al Ali have been banned by the country’s ministry of commerce on a request by the ministry of information. The ministry of commerce cited “irregularities” as reason for the closures, however the Arabic Network for Human Rights alleges that the real reason is the broadcast of anti-government seminars and demonstrations […]

Kuwait: Al Jazeera office shut down

Al Jazeera’s office in Kuwait City has been shut down after the news channel broadcast footage of police brutality against members of the Kuwaiti opposition. The footage showed police beating activists, and the channel aired interviews with members of the Kuwaiti opposition. Four Kuwaiti members of parliament and a dozen citizens were injured in the incident. The official reason for […]