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Algeria: Media law reforms

Algeria has announced plans for reforming stringent media laws in order to allow for private radio and television stations to operate for the first time since 1962. The cabinet of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika also pledged to stop jailing journalists for libel, and to free those already imprisoned on libel charges. A new commission will be created […]

Algeria: Protesters injured in unrest

A number of protesters have been injured during clashes with the police in a pro-democracy rally held in Algiers. The rally was held in protest to a new law that banned public gatherings. Protests to rising costs and unemployment started in Algeria following the Tunisian unrest that ended with the collapse of Zine El Abidine […]

Microsoft Bing filters gay and lesbian search terms

A recent report by the OpenNet Initiative has revealed that search terms in both Arabic and English relating to homosexuality are censored in some Middle Eastern countries. The study showed that the level of censorship on Microsoft’s Bing ranged from ‘substantial’ to ‘pervasive’ and ‘selective’ in Algeria, Syria, Jordan and United Arab Emirates. Other sexually […]

Centre algérien pour la défense et la promotion de la liberté de la presse

The aim of Centre Algérien pour la défense et la promotion de la liberté de la presse is to inform the international media about press freedom conditions in Algeria, provide support and orientation for foreign journalists in the country, training for journalists and media, and to monitor the state of press freedom in Algeria. [No […]

Technology bytes back

alt informationIn this issue, Index on Censorship magazine looks at the problems posed by the spread of computers and the information overload.