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Leading Nepal editor speaks out about independent media facing censorship in South Asia

After 29 years of circulation, Himal Southasian, which claims to be the only analytical and regional news magazine for South Asia, will cease to publish as of November 2016.

Pakistan passes Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill: “The youth of this country is losing hope”

Pakistan’s National Assembly passed a controversial Prevention of Electronics Crimes Bill on Thursday 11 August. The bill will permit the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to manage, remove or block content on the internet.

Bolo Bhi: Pakistan’s cyber crimes bill needs major changes

The cyber crimes bill passed by Pakistan’s lower legislative chamber is unacceptable and needs major changes, Bolo Bhi told Index on Censorship.

Qadri’s legacy: Islamabad under siege

On 27 March, thousands gathered in Islamabad's twin city Rawalpindi to commemorate the Chehlum of Mumtaz Qadri, marking 40 days since his death.

#IndexAwards2016: Hamid Mir has been targeted for taking on unchallenged power

Since becoming a journalist almost 30 years ago, Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir has had to choose between his life and his career

#IndexAwards2016: Bolo Bhi campaigns against attempts to censor the internet in Pakistan

Bolo Bhi, which means “speak up” in Urdu, is a non-profit run by a powerful all-female team, fighting for internet access, digital security and privacy in Pakistan and around the world

Underground music around the world playlist

In some countries, there have been flourishing underground music scenes sprouting up in the last few years, despite a continuing trend of censorship of the arts and governmental suppression

5 countries using anti-terror legislation to muzzle journalists

The anti-terror charges against reporters for Vice News in Turkey are not isolated. In recent years, a number of countries have used broad anti-terror laws to restrict the freedom of the press.

#UnsilencingPakistan: A tribute to Sabeen Mahmud

“Tonight, please don’t forget to laugh and dream out loud, that would be the best tribute you could pay to Sabeen”, said Mahenaz Mahmud via video at Unsilencing Pakistan, a Thursday 23 July event co-hosted by Index on Censorship at London’s Conway Hall.

23 July: Unsilencing Pakistan — a tribute to Sabeen Mahmud

Join in commemorating and celebrating an extraordinary woman who lost her life working fearlessly for free expression, human rights and social change

#IndexDrawtheLine: How can we balance religious freedom and religious extremism?

Religious freedom and religious radicalism which leads to extremism has become an increasingly difficult balancing act in the digital age where presenting religious superiority through fear and “terror” is possible both locally and internationally at internet speeds. The ongoing series of beheading videos released by the Islamic State and the showcase of kidnapped school girls by Nigeria’s Boko […]

Malala Yousafzai accepts 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

Pakistani education campaigner Malala Yousafzai will accept the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize today in Oslo