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Yavuz Baydar: Turkey’s crippled and tarnished journalism found space to breathe

With the hollowing out of the Turkish media landscape in recent years, honest coverage on the night of the historic referendum was rare

Ramazan Ölçen: Kurdish journalist detained for working at Apê Musa’s newspaper

“Of course my family are worried,” says Ramazan Ölçen, who was detained for owning the copyrights to what was Turkey’s only Kurdish-language daily newspaper

Silencing the Kurds: Shuttered media and cultural institutions

Turkey's Kurdish media and cultural institutions have been closed as the peace process with the country's Kurds has disintegrated.

Turkey: Freedom of the arts, archives and erasure

Erdogan's crackdown on freedom of expression follows a familiar pattern.

#IndexAwards2017: Turkey Blocks strives to win back the internet

Established in 2015, Turkey Blocks is an independent digital research organisation that monitors internet access restrictions in Turkey

Turkey’s silenced: Journalist Nur Ener arrested after a tip-off

Nur Ener is one of over 150 journalists in prison in Turkey. She was arrested for using an obscure app after publishing critical interview.

Meltem Arikan: The difference between Wales and Turkey

While touring Wales recently with my new play Enough Is Enough, I thought about what I experienced with my earlier work in Turkey. But which Turkey?

Contents: The big squeeze

Spring 2017 contributors include Richard Sambrook, Dominic Grieve, Roger Law, Karim Miské, Mark Frary and Canan Coşkun

Amberin Zaman: Turkey has entered uncharted waters

Many cast Turkey's April 16 referendum as a final chance to reverse the slide towards authoritarianism. But the odds are heavily stacked against the opposition.

Semih Poroy: Life under emergency rule

A cartoonist for the daily Cumhuriyet shares his take on life in Turkey under emergency rule.

Memnune Mayda: “Our only child is definitely not a traitor”

The mother of Özkan Mayda, a Turkish photojournalist for the Zaman daily, shares her son's story.