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Surveillance a growing problem for journalists worldwide say panellists

alt informationIn the first online magazine launch, three journalists discuss the impact of surveillance on media freedom across the globe

Quiz: How well do you know your privacy facts?

alt informationHow much do you actually know about tracking apps after months of reading about them? Take our quiz and see

Podcast: Private lives with Katherine Parkinson, Harry Peacock, Arturo di Corinto and Emma Briant

alt informationThe spring 2020 Index on Censorship magazine podcast with Mary Ellen Klas, Moa Petersén and Noelle Mateer discusses surveillance in China, the Swedish trend to put microchips under the skin and the worsening media environment in the USA as a result of coronavirus

Contents – Private lives: What happens when our every thought goes public

alt informationThe summer 2020 issue of the magazine looks at the different ways in which we are giving away our privacy as we try to tackle Covid-19

Private lives

alt informationThe summer 2020 issue of Index on Censorship looks at the ways in which our privacy is being eroded in the battle against Covid-19

150 attacks on media freedom reported in 50 days

alt informationIn the 50 days since Index started tracking incidents where journalists have been attacked or stopped from reporting on Covid-19, we have reported on more than 150 incidents

Attacks on media in Europe must not become a new normal, report says

alt informationLaunch of the 2020 Annual Report by Index on Censorship and other partner organisations to the Council of Europe Platform to Promote the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists

In emergencies we give away our essential freedoms lightly. Do we need to rethink?

alt informationAs governments look into contact tracing apps to identify and isolate people with coronavirus, Rachael Jolley discusses whether signing up to apps - and other actions we take online and off - make us complicit in giving away our freedoms

#IndexAwards20: Online ceremony reveals Freedom of Expression Awards winners

alt informationThe winners of the Freedom of Expression Awards 2020 include a Turkish lawyer, Bahraini activist and Russian artist, plus two organisations fighting for freedoms in Palestine and Poland

Turkish writers need to “hold people in power” to account

alt informationTurkish author and journalist Kaya Genç answers questions from the Index youth advisory board about watching his colleagues being silenced and how writers can challenge authority

Contents – Complicity: Why and when we chose to censor ourselves and give away our privacy

alt informationThe spring 2020 issue of the magazine looks at the different ways in which we as individuals might give away our own freedoms, whether we want to or not