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Journalists and media freedom under attack in Lukashenko’s Belarus

alt informationVolha Siakhovich writes from Belarus about the current conditions of journalists working in the country

“Who is going to try to seize power?” Caroline Eden talks to Index from Kyrgyzstan

alt informationA journalist in the Kyrgyz capital shares her eye-witness account of the protests with Index on Censorship

Meet the 73-year-old great grandmother squaring up to Lukashenko in Belarus

alt informationNina Bahinskaya has been shoved and restrained, arrested and fined half her pension. What drives her to protest?

How did Belarus come to be ruled by “the last dictator of Europe”?

alt informationThe attack on the people of Belarus today is the result of 26 years of brutal dictatorship, in which basic freedoms were dismantled one by one

Ruth Smeeth: “The brave men and women who refuse to be silenced”

alt informationSummer is supposed to be the quiet time for news - not this year

“Have you ever felt joy from finding out a loved one is in prison?”

alt informationYury Savitsky is one of hundreds who have been detained in Belarus following the disputed elections. His wife Ekaterina tells Index her heart-breaking story

Ruth Smeeth: “In Belarus, Lukashenko has used every tool available to a totalitarian leader”

alt informationWomen wearing white and carrying flowers have marched on Minsk as part of the protests against election result

Monitoring and Advocating for Media Freedom: Policy recommendations for Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine

alt informationGovernments and the EU must take a stronger stand for media freedom, a new Index report on media freedom in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine argues

Belarus: Press freedom violations October 2019

alt informationThere were 6 incidents in Belarus in September 2019 recorded by Index's monitoring project.

Belarus: Press freedom violations September 2019

alt informationThere were 5 incidents in Belarus in September 2019 recorded by Index's monitoring project.