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Las noticias falsas no son nada nuevo

alt informationPuede que en Estados Unidos estén aún acostumbrándose a sus «fake news», pero los bielorrusos llevan años lidiando con la táctica de las noticias

Старые методы дезинформации

alt informationКогда американцы только начинают вникать в понятие «дезинформация», белорусы имеют дело с этим приемом уже многие годы, пишет Андрей Алиаксандрау

Preventing protest coverage: How Belarus controls what the public knows

alt information“Europe’s last dictatorship” doesn’t tolerate dissent. The country’s constitution claims to protect freedom of the press, but many laws seem to contradict this.

الأخبار الزائفة: لا شيء جديد تحت الشمس

alt informationفي وقت يستفيق فيه الأمريكيون على ظاهرة "الأخبار المزيّفة"، يقول أندريه أليكساندراو بأن البيلاروسيين لديهم باع طويل في التعامل مع هذه التكتيكات التي خبروها لسنوات

Belarus: Civic solidarity movement condemns mass detentions and police violence

alt informationIndex on Censorship joins with the Civic Solidarity Platform to condemn Belarus' crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Belarus: Crackdown sweeping journalists and human rights defenders into detention

alt informationHundreds of protests were detained during a weekend of anti-government protests in Belarus.

Belarus: Wave of detentions must end

alt informationOrganisations have written to the president of Belarus to demand an end to recent wave of detentions of journalists, activists and opposition figures.

Mapping Media Freedom: Five incidents to watch

alt informationEach week, Index on Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom project verifies threats, violations and limitations faced by the media throughout the European Union and neighbouring countries.

#NoImpunity: Those who attack journalists must be held to account

alt informationToday is the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. Since 2006, 827 journalists have been killed for their reporting