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Emisora en zona de guerra

alt informationLaura Silvia Battaglia habla en Mosul con los iraquíes que siguen al timón de Algad FM, pese a los bombardeos

مرابطون في منطقة حرب

alt informationتحدّثت لورا سيلفيا باتاجليا مع صحافيين عراقيين بقوا في الموصل تحت القصف لتشغيل إذاعة الغد لإلقاء الضوء على عملهم وتجربتهم

В зоне военных действий

alt informationЛаура Сильвия Батталья поговорила с иракцами, которые продолжают работать на Альгад FM в Мосуле под взрывы бомб

Iraqi fixer on danger of accepting bylines in foreign media

alt informationForeign correspondents often rely on "fixers" to help them report from war-torn countries. But, as Caroline Lees reveals in the new issue of Index on Censorship magazine, they can be targeted as spies if their names become known locally.

Risky business: Journalists around the world under direct attack

alt informationThe truth is in danger. Working with reporters and writers around the world, Index continually hears first-hand stories of the pressures of reporting, and of how journalists are too afraid to write or broadcast because of what might happen next.

Contents: Danger in truth, truth in danger

alt informationIndex on Censorship has dedicated its milestone 250th issue to exploring the increasing threats to reporters worldwide. Its special report, Truth in Danger, Danger in Truth: Journalists Under Fire

Underground music around the world playlist

alt informationIn some countries, there have been flourishing underground music scenes sprouting up in the last few years, despite a continuing trend of censorship of the arts and governmental suppression

Chris Ames: Who’s behind the Chilcot Inquiry delay?

alt informationDespite his repeated assertions that it is nothing to do with him, it is now clear that British Prime Minister David Cameron not only has the power to hold back the long-awaited Chilcot Inquiry into the UK’s involvement in the Iraq war until after the election – but may actually do so. The prime minister who championed free […]

Naming and shaming: 8 countries egregiously violating religious freedom

alt informationThe U.S. State Department names and shames eight “Countries of Particular Concern” that severely violate religious freedom rights within their borders. Now an independent watchdog is naming and shaming the State Department, saying its list should be doubled. Brian Pellot reports

Twenty five years under the fatwa

alt informationKhomeini's 1989 death sentence on Salman Rushdie still casts a shadow over free speech, says Padraig Reidy

Iraq: Kurdish authorities arrest magazine editor

The editor of a Iraqi Kurdish magazine has been arrested for reprinting an allegedly blasphemous article. Hamin Ary, editor of Kurdish and Arabic monthly publication Chirpa (Al-Hamsah in Arabic) was arrested on 7 May after publishing an article by controversial writer Goran Halmat. Ary was arrested for “offences that violate religious sensibilities”, an offence which carries a maximum sentence of three […]