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The woman exposing the propaganda puppet masters

alt informationEmma Briant researches the players behind some of the largest misinformation and disinformation campaigns today

“Imagine the conversation between Bolsonaro and Erdogan”

alt informationProtests during mourning for Queen Elizabeth have been distasteful but not illegal. How should we express our feelings about some of the guests attending Monday's state funeral?

An ode to two defining figures from 1989

alt informationThe year 1989 saw events that shaped the world we currently live. We look at two essential figures who challenged the status quo at the time

Mikhail Gorbachev: the Soviet leader who learned to love freedom of expression

alt informationThe former president, who has died at the age of 91, wrote presciently in the pages of Index on Censorship

Cancelling Russian culture is today’s moral imperative

alt informationPutin has used Russian culture to further his aims. Promoting it today risks furthering his agenda, writes Marina Pesenti

Cancel Putin, not culture

alt informationArtists must unite in their opposition to authoritarian regimes and there should be an end to the blanket boycott of Russian culture

Raised voices: why we must continue to listen

alt informationThe news coming in from Belarus, Brazil, Hong Kong and Russia is devastating, writes our CEO Ruth Smeeth

Belarus: the free press continues despite attacks

alt informationThe chair of the Belarusian Association of Journalists says reporting is harder than ever because of government crackdowns and war in neighbouring Ukraine