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Academic freedom under threat for more than 50% of world’s population

alt informationThe ability to express and discuss ideas openly is being curtailed in univerisites, new data published by the Academic Freedom Index reveals

In awe of those fighting Russian tyranny

alt informationOne year on from Russia's full-scale invasion, we won't stop telling the stories of those fighting Putin’s aggression in both Ukraine and Russia

Do Chechens really support Putin’s war in Ukraine?

alt informationRussia’s aggression towards Ukraine mirrors the two bloody wars for independence in Chechnya. But those speaking out publicly against Ramzan Kadyrov’s pro-Putin policies are being harshly silenced

New play gives a voice to the forgotten Crimean Tatars

alt informationThe powerful work tells the stories of indigenous Tatar dissidents and their families on the Russian-occupied peninsula

Pavel Litvinov: A dissident hero

alt informationAn interview with Red Square demonstrator Pavel Litvinov on his role in founding Index, Russian imperialism and the war in Ukraine

In memory of Viktor Fainberg, 1968 Red Square demonstrator

alt informationThe dissident fought hard for free expression and paid dearly. Here we shed more light on his amazing life

Erasure of Ukrainian culture is an abuse of human rights

alt informationNew report documents the taking of 4,000 cultural heritage sites into Russian “protection” and detention of writers and artists

Seeing Auschwitz is a timely reminder of the importance of documenting atrocities

alt informationA new exhibition in London takes a different viewpoint on the horrors of the Holocaust

A year in freedom of expression

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Anderson reflects on the events of the past 12 months, yet another year of challenges to human rights around the world