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2020: One for the history books

alt informationThe past year has been all about restriction of our freedoms and not just to stop the spread of Covid

Let them know they are not forgotten

alt informationJoin us in sending messages of support to six human rights activists and journalists around the world who are #JailedNotForgotten

Panel explore how macho male leaders stifle dissent

alt informationFrom Russia to Saudi Arabia, the current crop of macho male leaders are stifling dissent in a variety of ways, argue panellists at the Index on Censorship winter magazine launch

Slander, shame, jail, divide and kill: how to silence an environmentalist in five easy steps (Independent)

alt informationVenice is drowning, Brazil is burning, the ice caps are melting. With these stark realities, the age of climate change denial might finally be coming to a close. But don’t rejoice just yet. The climate conversation still has a way to go. At the recent COP25 meeting in Madrid, Brazil and Saudi Arabia tried to […]

One year after murder of Khashoggi, NGOs renew call for justice

alt informationOne year after the death of Jamal Khashoggi, Index and other organisations call for the opening of a thorough, independent and effective criminal investigation into the murder of the journalist

Marking seven years since the arrest of Raif Badawi

alt informationFree expression groups came together to mark seven years since the arrest of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi.

#IndexAwards2019: Ms Saffaa’s murals confront Saudi oppression

alt informationMs Saffaa is a self-exiled Saudi street artist living in Australia who uses murals to highlight women’s rights and human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia: Kingdom must be held to account for suppression of dissent

alt informationIndex on Censorship joins with dozens of civil society organisations to call for Saudi Arabia to be held accountable for grave human rights violations.

Saudi Arabia: Authorities must release Yemeni writer Marwan Al-Muraisy

alt informationALQST for Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, English PEN, the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR), Index on Censorship, and PEN International call on the authorities in Saudi Arabia to release Yemeni writer and online activist Marwan Al-Muraisy, who has been subject to enforced disappearance since June.

Saudi Arabia must implement UPR recommendations protecting freedom of expression

alt informationNGOs around the world call on their governments to publicly engage with Saudi Arabia to call for the release of detained writers and activists, and to issue strong recommendations to end restrictions on the right to freedom of expression.

Yemen: “Nobody is listening to us”

alt informationJournalist Abdulaziz Muhammad al-Sabri details the dangers of reporting in Yemen.

Al Jazeera debate at Frontline Club descends into shouting match

alt informationA debate at the Frontline Club last night on the future of Al Jazeera, following recent calls for the network to be shuttered by a group of seven Arab countries, did not go to plan