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Padraig Reidy: Why did the government panic over a few letters on farming?

alt informationWith the publication of Prince Charles' "black spider" letters, ministers fear they will lose control of the freedom of information process

Padraig Reidy: Imagine being Katie Hopkins

alt informationWhat if your job, your career, was winding up an entire nation?

Padraig Reidy: War on truthiness

alt informationJournalism should, at least, be against truthiness, if only out of self interest. If anyone can make stuff up and get 1,000 shares on Twitter, why pay people for deep digging or elegant writing?

Padraig Reidy: Sentenced to death for not believing in God

alt informationWashiqur Rahman and Ajivit Roy were killed because they were atheists who refused to keep quiet about their beliefs

Padraig Reidy: Life in paranoid Erdoganistan, where every day brings a new censorship story

alt informationAnother week, another social media ban in Turkey. Such is life these days in Erdoganistan, where every day brings a new censorship story, greeted now with what my Turkish friend calls “the humour of desparation”.

Padraig Reidy: The “gay cake” case bedevils Northern Ireland

alt informationA new struggle has emerged over what many religious people in Northern Ireland see as threats to their religious freedom and way of life. And a cake has become the latest flashpoint

Padraig Reidy: Stop saying this isn’t a “free speech issue”. It is.

One wishes sometimes we could be more honest. Say “this is a free speech issue, and I’m OK with this amount of censorship, for this reason”; then we can talk.

Padraig Reidy: Doubting Cambridge University Press’s commitment to academic freedom

CUP are still refusing to publish Putin’s Kleptocracy by Karen Dawisha for fear of libel action -- despite saying they have no reason to doubt the veracity of the work

Padraig Reidy: Women are denied the right to exist in public space — even in death

alt informationWhether openly hateful or couched in “protective” metaphor, the message to women is always clear: public interaction is for men, and at best, you are here by our permission

Padraig Reidy: George Galloway’s dear tweeter letters

TV presenter George Galloway has taken to wearing a black fedora, indoors. I know this, because I have seen him doing so on at least one of his TV shows

Padraig Reidy: There is not a limited amount of free speech to go round

alt informationThere is, I am told, a war going on in feminism. A war between “intersectionalists” (I think) and TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, as far as I can tell).