What does it take for a journalist to enter Crimea?

alt informationThere’s currently no good way for journalists to travel to Crimea. Rather, it’s a balancing act where one has to choose the least bad solution

French presidential campaign: Trumpisation and attacks on the media

alt informationFrance's presidential election has been rife with accusations against the media.

Journalists attacked by police and protesters during French labour reform bill demonstrations

alt informationIn almost four months covering protests against France's labour reform bill, a number of journalists in the country have faced intimidation, detention and injury

France: “Some think one cannot be an Arab and a journalist”

alt informationMapping Media Freedom correspondent Valeria Costa-Kostritsky talks to reporters about the state of ethnic diversity in French journalism

France’s state of emergency poses threat to press freedom

alt informationIndex's Mapping Media Freedom correspondent Valeria Costa-Kostritsky looks at how emergency powers enacted to combat terrorism in France also pose dangers to a free press

France: Vincent Bolloré’s takeover of Canal Plus sparks concern for press freedom

alt informationVincent Bolloré is known for business takeovers. Now 63, he has built an empire in energy, agriculture, transport and logistics. The billionaire is also a media mogul with expanding interests

Lawsuit takes French media to task for Charlie Hebdo reporting

alt informationA man who hid from the Charlie Hebdo attackers has filed a lawsuit against French media for their reporting.

Changes at France Culture bring accusations of censorship

The decision not to air the last episode of Du Jour au Lendermain and recent budget cuts have critics up in arms over changes to the cultural arm of France Radio. Valeria Costa-Kostritsky reports

Russia: RIA Novosti liquidated amid fears of “more refined” threat to the press

alt informationThe tightening of control over the Russian media is likely to continue, writes Valeria Costa-Kostritsky

Hollande’s affair is a break with French tradition

alt informationWhat happened last Friday was unprecedented. Four days before the third major press conference of François Hollande's presidency, the French version of celebrity magazine Closer alleged that the president was having an affair. Valeria Costa-Kostritsky reports

French magazine raises specter of racism and press freedoms

alt informationAn obscure 16 page-long French far-right magazine recently put France's black justice minister Christiane Taubira on its cover, comparing her to a monkey. Valeria Costa-Kostritsky reports on the fallout

Edward Snowden helps France rediscover its own whistleblowers

alt informationSo far, France has spectacularly failed to protect its whistleblowers. But new proposals may offer some protection. Valeria Costa-Kostritsky writes