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Journalists held in Insein prison, Myanmar’s “darkest hell-hole”

alt informationReporters covering the pro-demcracy protests are being held in a notorious military-run prison in Yangon

The military coup in Myanmar: the media under attack

alt informationJournalists are being attacked and pursued for their coverage of the protests

Leading Nepal editor speaks out about independent media facing censorship in South Asia

alt informationAfter 29 years of circulation, Himal Southasian, which claims to be the only analytical and regional news magazine for South Asia, will cease to publish as of November 2016.

Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom

alt informationSome of the worst countries for religious freedom are Burma, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, Eritrea, Iran

Underground music around the world playlist

alt informationIn some countries, there have been flourishing underground music scenes sprouting up in the last few years, despite a continuing trend of censorship of the arts and governmental suppression

Index Freedom of Expression Awards: Advocacy nominee Generation Wave

alt informationGeneration Wave has been at the forefront of promoting democratic engagement in Burma, using hip hop, graffiti, film and street art to challenge authoritarianism since 2007 - with a strict policy of non-violence.

Burma: The art of transition

alt informationThe Art of Transition Symposium in Yangon was a significant event in the unfolding drive towards democracy in Burma, providing a public platform to discuss how changing political and social conditions are affecting artistic freedoms.

Four places where social media could land you in jail

alt informationFacebook has nearly 1.2 billion monthly active users –that’s nearly 20% of the total global population. Yet, in some countries harsh sanctions and time in jail can be imposed on those who comment on social media, in the majority of cases for speaking out against their government.

Censorship: The problem child of Burma’s dictatorship

alt informationFrom the Magazine: Writer and artist Htoo Lyin Myo gives his personal account of working under government censorship in Burma

Burma: Freedom of expression in transition

Index on Censorship report: Burma is at a crossroads. The period of transition since 2010 has opened up the space for freedom of expression to an extent unpredicted by even the most optimistic in the country.