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Attacks on journalists covering protests increase says new report

alt informationThe latest annual report from the Council of Europe safety of journalists platform makes for worrying reading on media freedom

In trying to protect us online, legislators risk silencing us

alt informationWe all want to protect each other from seeing the worst of humanity but we have no right not to be offended

Today’s dissidents in Russia: tech savvy and willing to risk it all

alt informationDespite the huge risks attached to defying Putin, a handful of Russians are still speaking up. We profile six here

Detained, blindfolded and threatened with death: a week in the hands of Ukraine’s Russian occupiers

alt informationUkrainian journalist Victoria Roshchina was on her way to Mariupol when she was taken hostage. She recounts her ordeal here

Hungary elections 2022: What does another Orban term mean for freedoms?

alt informationThe godfather of "illiberal democracy" - Viktor Orban - is fighting his fiercest election battle to date. What exactly is on the line when Hungarians head to the polls on Sunday?

As Russia wages war, Index reflects on its beginnings

alt informationSir Trevor Phillips and Jonathan Dimbleby discussed the challenges to freedom of expression at our 50th birthday party

Call for an end to beatings and abductions of journalists and protesters in Ukraine

alt informationOleksandra Matviichuk, head of the Centre for Civil Liberties in Kyiv, condemns the actions of Russian troops

Andrei Kurkov on Russia’s war against Ukrainian culture

alt informationAnyone who believes that Ukraine should remain independent and become part of Europe is already an enemy of Russia, says the celebrated author

The Buena Vista Social v The Kremlin

alt informationThe empty chairs at the empty tables in a journalists’ hangout in Kyiv are a tribute to the ultimate price paid for free expression

“We will not be intimidated by people who do not like what we stand for”

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Smeeth reflects on the passing of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright