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Obama’s free speech record

As Barack Obama gets ready to rally his troops at the Democratic National Convention, Mark Rumold says his administration has cast free speech aside in its pursuit of file sharers and whistleblowers

Canada: Student suspended for satirical YouTube videos

A Canadian twelfth grade student has been suspended for posting satirical videos on his own private YouTube account. The animations, criticising aspects of the American government and the behaviour of large corporations and were considered by the Donald A. Wilson Secondary School to be “detrimental to the positive moral tone of the school”. Jack Christie is currently […]

Violent M.I.A music video banned on Youtube

Musician M.I.A‘s video for her new single Born Free has been banned from Youtube just days after it was released. The controversial video, directed by Romain Gavras, shows American police rounding redheads, and subjecting them to brutal violence. Critics have suggested the explicit video is a publicity stunt for M.I.A and the director, whose debut feature […]

Analysis: Index’s experts on Hillary Clinton’s internet freedom speech

Leslie Harris, Ethan Zuckerman, Bill Thompson, Ian Brown and Guido Fawkes react to Clinton's call for greater internet freedom

US lodges China complaint over web censorship

An official complaint was lodged by US representatives with the Chinese government over plans to introduce mandatory Green Dam web censorship software. Read more here

China holds firm on Green Dam software filter

American computer makers say the Chinese government has not backed down from a requirement that Internet censorship software be preinstalled on all computers sold in China after July 1, despite reports this week that the rule had been relaxed. Read more here

Families of journalists arrested in North Korea speak out

The families of American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling, who go on trial this week, for what North Korea calls “hostile acts” have decided to speak out and are scheduled to appear on NBC and CNN later today. Read more here

Texas Rangers censor “Yankees suck” t-shirt

A Texas Rangers fan was nearly ejected from a Rangers baseball game against the New York Yankees in Arlington, Texas for a T-shirt that read “Yankees suck”. A security guard told her to turn it inside out, buy another shirt or they would eject her. Read more here

Obama U-turn over prisoner abuse photographs

The release of more photos of prisoner abuse by US soldiers is “of no benefit” and may inflame opinion against the US, President Barack Obama has said, retreating on his previous position. Read more here

North Korea to try reporters in June

Two US journalists arrested in North Korea near its border with China in March are set to face trial on June 4. Read more here

US cyberbully bill is ‘threat to free speech’

American bloggers say proposals for a new law, potentially making illegal to criticise or mock people online, will threaten freedom of expression. Read more here

US TV swearing policy ‘correct’

The US government’s policy of fining broadcasters over the use of swear words on live TV is justified, the Supreme Court has ruled. Read more here